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Harness the power of Lenovo

With 20 years of education technology leadership and a team of experts focused exclusively on higher education Lenovo helps IT and educators create secure, simplified and dynamic collaborative environments to help institutions thrive and students realize potential and exceed expectations.


Provide the fuel to power digital learning with advanced, affordable devices that support learning in any environment. Galvanized with software and services that meet the ever-changing and diverse needs of educational establishments they can effortlessly drive intelligent

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Lenovo’s deep understanding of the challenges and complexities of modern learning has led to the evolution of software and services designed to inspire creation, enable collaboration, and empower the development of skills for tomorrow, today.


Education and technology thought leadership, driven by IT and faculty members help foster a truly collaborative environment to create the next generation of researchers and innovators as well as enabling professional development right across the institution.

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Higher Education

The success of online learning has opened the door to new ways of doing things and increased receptivity to new technologies in higher education. What was once restricted to a few institutions is rapidly becoming more wide-spread, from virtual reality to software that transforms teaching and more.

Lenovo empowers faculty, staff, and students at every level with industry-leading, education specific hardware, software and services to support, inspire and drive higher education to new levels of innovation.

A Sea Change in 
Higher Education

The 2022 EDUCAUSE Horizon report surveys a diverse group of education leaders to explore the latest challenges and trends facing higher education. Panelists included experienced professionals from a variety of locations and were balanced across gender, ethnicity, and type of institutions. Panels revealed trends across social, economic, environmental, political, and technological that were most important in shaping the future of post-secondary teaching and learning.

sea change

Engaging solutions for tomorrow's leaders

Think of your digital solutions as the most versatile item in your students' tool belts, empowering student learning, exploration, and discovery. It's essential to select digital solutions that are powerful, engaging, easy to use, and built for collaboration and productivity wherever learning takes place.

The data's in: Collaboration in higher education

Meeting the collaboration needs of current and future students, educators, and administrators has greater positive effects on education than you may know.

Case study
3 reasons to focus on collaboration

Discover how institutions just like yours used solutions from Lenovo to experience significant success by improving collaboration.

demanding workflows 0
Meet the demanding workflows of engineering students

Learn the four computing essentials for both academic and hybrid office campuses.

high performance (non-optimized) 0
4 aspects to consider when choosing high-performance workstations

Consider these four points that will help ensure your faculty and students have a seamless and more efficient experience.

graphics card 0
The right graphics card makes all the difference

Learn why the right graphics card can ensure that learning continues at the student’s and educator’s pace and allow the education experience to mirror the tools used by professionals.

student and educator
Workstations for every student and educator

The case for improved productivity with Lenovo workstations in higher education.

Lenovo Workstations inspiring the future

Beyond PC and laptop capabilities, Lenovo workstations are the right fit for careers that require enhanced multitasking, complex data calculation, and speedy configurations.

Microsoft Education
windows 11

Empower a borderless
campus without compromising security

Windows 11 unlocks limitless learning. Our reference guide has everything higher education IT leaders need to know about the upgrade.

Built for education, designed for success

Lenovo’s EDU devices are designed to meet all needs whether you need raw processing power for resource intensive applications, tailored devices for flexible working or even integrated pens for sketching out on-screen drawings.

thinkpad-x1-carbon-gen-1 0i
ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10i

Built for outstanding performance over long distances. This mobile powerhouse works hard to improve collaboration.

ThinkPad P1 Gen 5

The power you need, the machine you want. Take on complex projects with tough, mobile workstation graphics and performance.

ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 3i

Powerful performance, intense graphics and a 360-degree hinge to accommodate all working styles and workflows.

Considerations for your campus

Dive deeper into building the ideal borderless campus with these articles and checklists.

on campus environment
3 considerations for building a productive on-campus environment

Classrooms, lecture halls, and conference rooms are at the intersection of where students and faculty collaborate — remotely and in person.

professional development 0
4 keys to effective, practical professional development

The shift to a borderless campus opens a world of possibilities for how we view professional development.

thinkpad I13 yoga 0
3 ways to safeguard your campus from ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated and complex.

We’re with you all the way

As the largest global provider of PCs in the education sector we know what it takes to ensure institutions and students have a robust tech foundation to drive success.

This is why Lenovo provides an end-to-end service that bundles hardware, software, and services for one predictable monthly fee.

Read our brochure to find out more about the tremendous benefits which support powerful advancements in education.

educational objectives

Support in creating bespoke tech platforms to meet educational objectives

microsoft software

Wide choice of education specific software

premier support

Premier support, warranty extensions and services such as accidental damage protection

security solutions-1

Full endpoint protection and security management solutions

Today’s future, tomorrow’s learning

Emerging technologies provide an insight into the future of education and they are already happening today, driving innovative breakthroughs in education and pointing to the future of education.

edu software
Education Software

Educational software helps digital classrooms thrive with instructional resources, multimedia tools and a lot more.


Kids and teens love Esports. Just ask them. It’s an ideal tool to encourage engagement, teamwork and strategic thinking.

hybrid classroom
Hybrid Classroom

Hybrid classrooms deliver smarter collaboration to the classroom, helping teachers create more immersive and flexible learning environments that can support students in multiple locations.

vr classroom
VR Classroom

Virtual reality brings topics to life and can be a big step in the understanding and comprehension of subjects thanks to immersive 3D experiences.

Multi-layered protection keeps you safe

Ransomware, banking Trojans, spyware, viruses, targeted attacks and more are ever present and insidious threats that can take institutions offline, steal student data and cause financial loss. Lenovo ThinkShield provides powerful multi-layered protection across hardware, software, services and processes, safeguarding data and maximizing protection.

layered protection
icon end point security

Intel vPro® chip level protection stops sophisticated firmware attacks and threats below the operating system

USB charge port

USB protection blocks unknown storage devices and unauthorized transfer of data


Fingerprint readers and IR cameras for easy biometric authentication


Artificial intelligence-powered endpoint security detection protects against known and new malware strains

icon data encryption

Data encryption and end point visibility and control


End-of-life secure disposal

education covered 0
We’ve got education covered

The most comprehensive protection available.

flexible security
Overview report
Flexible security

Choose the right devices and security follows naturally.

remote protection
Solutions Guide
Remote protection

Lock down, lock up and lock out – sweeping remote device protection.

Working together to develop potential

We work with industry leaders to build powerful devices that improve educational experiences. Rely on best-in-class performance from our range of laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets. And transform classrooms into connected, hybrid learning environments with our ready-to-go room kits.



Better, deeper and transformational

Check our latest blogs to see how educational tech is underpinning and driving  innovative change.

learning mantle 1
Faculties take on the mantle of new learning

Transformative technology is empowering the faculty to take teaching to the next level and inspire extraordinary experiences.

learning mantle 2
IT can support a sense of student belonging

Creating a sense of community on campus is important in helping students feel connected.  IT has an important role in engendering this sense of belonging.

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Lenovo EDU provides technology to inspire innovative transformation for educational institutions. For more information about how we can help you inspire growth and change get in touch.