VR Classroom
Smarter creates immersive experiences
Lenovo VR Classroom combines hardware, software and services to drive new learning opportunities and skills.

Explore new perspectives with a complete VR solution

Virtual reality gives your students the opportunity to immerse themselves in detailed projects, explore new subject matter, and interact and collaborate with others – no matter where they are based.

Lenovo VR Classroom is a complete solution that includes innovative hardware, device and classroom management software and supporting services, which can be used to deliver next-generation educational experiences.

Captivating experiences for bright young minds

Bring your subject to life with photo-realistic, 3D imagery that captures younger students’ imagination and helps them explore new ideas.

VR Classroom modules
VR Classroom
Immersive virtual classrooms

The Immersive Learning Hub gives teachers the ability to create and deliver engaging educational experiences, with a portal application that gives control over individual or multiple devices at once.

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Inspiring educational content

Lenovo has partnered with a range of content providers to enable ready-made immersive experiences, covering subjects from maths and science to wildlife exploration and careers guidance.

device management
Simplified device management

Deploy devices with zero-touch registration, remotely manage your fleet of VR headsets and take control of a range of devices and applications.

VR Classroom
Powerful, affordable VR headsets

Lenovo has partnered with an industry-leading hardware provider to enable out-of-the-box VR functionality. The DPVR P1 Pro EDU headset is an affordable, lightweight, all-in-one device that generates immersive experiences.


Discover the DPVR P1 Pro EDU headset

These powerful, standalone devices are ready to deliver immersive experiences straight out of the box, with zero-touch device registration and content management.

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Headset integrated touchpad and 3DoF wireless controller

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Integrated audio

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Immersive visualizations


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Up to 3 hours’ battery life

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Sanitizable components for high-
traffic use cases

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