Smarter secures your financial future
Take advantage of Lenovo’s portfolio, expertise, and global supply chain to make your Financial Services digital-first.

The future of Financial Services is one we build together

Modernizing your business is an inside-out process. To do it well, you need a partner who truly understands your business challenges and is armed with the tech to support you.

Lenovo has the right solutions, services, and devices to empower your digital transformation, whether your organization specializes in low latency trading, portfolio management, hedge funds, brokerage houses, retail banking, or investment banking.


Tech that makes banking a human business

Customers’ expectation of their banks has changed. They want flexibility in how and when they want to interact with their bank—whether that’s online or in person. At Lenovo, we have a deep understanding of where retail banking needs to be, in order to meet the demands of its customers today and tomorrow, bridging the gap between online and offline to offer a seamless, genuine, personal experience that counts.

We can help you champion your brand with solutions and services designed to elevate customer experience. From making your branch data-driven to maximizing your IT performance and security, we can help you rise above the competition.

High-speed for high-frequency trading

Financial services move fast. To stay on top of growing demands and inevitable changes, you need compute infrastructures that accelerate with you, like Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to offer industry-leading efficiency.

Lenovo has the global expertise and portfolio to offer secure, consistent, predictable, scalable, high-performance options with ultra-low latency—giving you the confidence to push forward.


Big data to detect fraud

As advanced technologies become more widely available, fraudsters are finding easier ways to target money transactions. But it is exactly those technologies that can also help us stop them.

Lenovo has joined forces with key partners to power its severs with high-performance and real-time data solutions. And to provide significant additional, transparent acceleration for computationally intensive graph and machine learning (ML) algorithms.

Ultimate productivity at your fingertips


Maximize your capabilities with smarter workstations

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkStation P Series Workstations, are powered by the latest Intel® Core and Xeon® Scalable processors, so even your most demanding projects can be completed smoothly, efficiently, and securely.


Seriously powerful, robust and adaptable

Powered by Intel ATOM® processors, the ThinkEdge SE10 and SE10-1 are compact yet powerful devices. Engineered for edge environments, they’re designed to save you time, leaving you to focus on what really matters.

New intelligence that pushes you further

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been rapidly proven to help in many facets of our businesses. Every company is looking for ways to use it, revolutionizing every area of compute. But what can AI do for Financial Service organizations?

A lot. From implementing a hybrid AI approach which includes both a public and private AI model to build your projects on accurate data insights and creating reports to accessing billions of records in no time and customer personalization, our AI power is all your data needs—whether it’s in a Workstation or in the cloud.


Success goes end-to-end with the right partner

The path to digital-first isn’t one you need to take alone. As a proven leader in performance, security, and design innovation, Lenovo can support your vision with everything you need to get there.


Ignite your digital transformation with innovative services

Lenovo Smart Services span from consulting and deployment to management, support, and security. We can help you push your organization forward, enhancing your employees’ productivity and future proofing your hardware and software.


Evolving threats need evolving security

With Lenovo ThinkShield, you can rely on defense at every level, from AI-powered endpoint protection to our Zero Trust Supply Chain. Together, we can mitigate the risks of data loss, protecting your device, data at the edge, in the datacenter, or in the cloud.


People are putting sustainability first. So should you.

Lenovo is committed to limiting its own emissions and uses recycled materials and packaging for its devices. We’re sharing this commitment with our customers, offering end-to-end lifecycle management and CO2 offsetting services.

Take it to a smarter level

As you embrace transformation, you need technology that’s flexible enough to grow with you. Lenovo TruScale is our everything-as-a-service solution, which covers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), designed to simplify the acquisition, deployment, support, and technology refresh cycle for reliable IT innovation. From pocket devices to on-prem infrastructure. For tailored functionality, flexibility, and device management throughout the entire IT lifecycle.


Let’s build your future together

Ready to embrace digital transformation? Talk to us. We’ll help you find the right solutions for your business.