Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service
Accelerate innovation with the latest industry-leading solutions through a no-risk, no-surprise, pay-as-you-go consumption model.

Designed for dynamic environments

The trend for hybrid working is driving demand for more flexible, customizable and scalable solutions.

We simplify your data center management and provisioning of IT to give you the time and resources to build the vision that takes your business forward. Our IaaS model provides a cloud-like experience with on-prem security and control, helping you leverage the right solutions, at the right time, from the pocket to the Edge.

Lenovo TruScale IaaS: Innovation without limits

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world, the ‘new normal’ is disruption.

Business leaders need to act with speed and agility to face challenges and make the most of any new opportunities that come their way.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service offers all the features to help you build the vision that takes your business forward.

Flexibility & scalability

Choosing Lenovo as your technology partner means you’re choosing devices and infrastructure with sustainability aspects already designed into how they’re made and how they’re delivered.

Support & insight
Cost efficiency

The challenge businesses must address now is how to manage their infrastructure in a way that meets their data security and compute/storage requirements, while keeping costs under control. Lenovo TruScale IaaS portfolio does just that.

Transparency & control
Speed and Reliability

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service combines the speed and scalability of cloud computing with the data sovereignty and privacy strengths of an on-premises data center.

TruScale IaaS Solutions

Unlock the benefits of on premises infrastructure with a cloud-like experience and explore specific solutions designed for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, infinite storage, and high-performance computing (HPC). Discover how TruScale IaaS portfolio and our strategic alliances with leading partners can accelerate your digital innovation journey.

TruScale for structure
Lenovo TruScale for Infrastructure

Realise your strategy with a flexible, scalable infrastructure that adapts to your needs in real time. Discover how Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure-as-a-Service helps you cut out risk and accelerate digital innovation.

Lenovo TruScale for Data Management

Is your business working with cumbersome, complex storage infrastructure? Explore how our data management solutions can enable you to scale storage across multiple clouds at speed, to deploy new, innovative services easily and stay on top of your data.

hybrid cloud
Lenovo TruScale for Hybrid Cloud

Combine the very best of public and private cloud resources with a dynamic, hybrid cloud solution. Take a look at how Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud supports adaptable IT management, with data and applications able to move seamlessly between environments to reduce your costs and boost efficiency.

Lenovo TruScale for HPC

Put the power of supercomputing innovation to work for your business. We can help your business deliver faster IT provisioning, deeper insight and near-instant analysis in a flexible, affordable and scalable HPC solution. Discover how below.

Explore the subscription models at your service

TruScale IaaS delivers the right data center as a service solution based on advanced metering technologies of your choice! See how it works from one of our experts.


Meeting the needs of the three C’s

How TruScale IaaS provides solutions to business needs across the C-suite – from the CEO and CIO to the CFO.

Seize your digitalization opportunity

Incorporating IaaS is merely the first step. Discover the benefits TruScale creates, including business convenience, cost-efficiency and competitive force.

Keep pace with the hybrid workforce

Organizational priorities have shifted since hybrid working has reshaped business. We discuss what employees expect, and how you can adapt.

Reinforce and extend your IT capability

Digital expertise is essential to growth, but IT teams are squeezed between increasing responsibilities and talent in high demand. How can TruScale help?

Get to know Lenovo TruScale IaaS

Take a deep dive into TruScale Infrastructure services with distinguished engineer Eric Kern. Discover how it works and why it’s a great option for you.

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