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Secure, seamless, trusted solutions for the new challenges facing federal, state, and local government IT teams.

Your proven, reliable partner for progress

As federal, state, and local governments seek to modernize their infrastructures to meet constituents’ needs, Lenovo stands ready as a proven partner for progress.

More than 900 U.S. state and local agencies and 70 military and civilian federal agencies trust Lenovo to deliver secure, high-performance solutions and expertise for the unique challenges facing government IT professionals.

Your trusted partner in state and local government

When you work in the public sector, people depend on you for the infrastructure and services that keep us all safe. Lenovo is trusted by state and local agencies to deliver secure, high-performance solutions, all engineered for reliability.

Your trusted partner in transportation infrastructure

Modernizing the infrastructure that connects our communities is a big ask. But Lenovo understands the unique challenges of state and local agencies, including the need for high-performance computing, rugged devices, and a full suite of solutions.

Your trusted partner in public safety

When it comes to public safety, time is always of the essence. Lenovo stands ready with a full portfolio of solutions built for speed and reliability, whether it’s powerful workstations at the dispatch center, or rugged notebooks in the field.

Your trusted partner in the judicial branch

Courtrooms at every level need secure, reliable technology to keep online proceedings running smoothly from anywhere. With a full portfolio of solutions built for reliable performance, Lenovo helps state and local governments ensure justice for all.

Your trusted partner in productivity

To be productive, today’s government workers need secure connections and collaboration options from virtually anywhere. Lenovo understands the unique challenges facing state and local IT organizations.



Count on unmatched built-in security, ThinkShield protection, and a dedicated team of security professionals.



You can depend on Lenovo for demonstrated durability and rigorous supply chain transparency.



Lenovo’s public sector experts ensure there’s always a solution to fit your community with seamless procurement and tailored services.


Smarter governance builds stronger communities

Explore an interactive view of how communities can thrive when partnered with smarter technology. Whether your agency provides for public safety, transportation, health and human services, justice, or all of the above, Lenovo offers the most comprehensive portfolio of secure, reliable, collaborative solutions for government agencies.


A smarter approach to evolving threats

At Lenovo, security is an integral part of everything we do. Like the ThinkPad® X1 with Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo™ Design and Windows 11 Pro for business, Lenovo delivers the most secure endpoint devices with a secure infrastructure, secure design processes, and vigilant governance across the entire organization. How future-proof is your security?

Unmatched built-in security

Find out why government agencies trust Lenovo devices to protect data — starting with sourcing and continuing through innovative technology and converged design.

Expert product security

Lenovo has a dedicated team of security professionals continually working to protect against evolving security threats. Safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data with Lenovo.

Your community relies on you.
You can rely on Lenovo.

Lenovo understands the challenges faced by federal, state, and local governments today and offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions. Are you solving for the top 3 tech priorities in government IT right now?

Supply chain transparency

Lenovo recommends using our rigorous Supply Chain Security program to ensure the quality of all partners in the device manufacturing process. Intel® Transparent Supply Chain and Intel® Trusted Device Setup ensure the integrity of components from source to factory to end user.


Demonstrated durability

Lenovo devices are built to last and backed by solid warranties. Governments trust Lenovo hardware to decrease downtime and increase the longevity of their fleets. Since 2007, Lenovo has used the U.S. Department of Defense’s MIL-STD 810G standards to strike the perfect balance of value and durability.

Experience unparalleled
government expertise.

Lenovo is trusted by over 900 US state and local agencies, and 70 US military and civilian federal agencies, to meet and progress beyond the challenges faced by public sector IT teams.


Seamless procurement

In addition to specialized financing and expanded warranty options, we are proud to offer broad contract and purchase ability through GSA, NASPO ValuePoint, NCPA, and a variety of contracts beyond group purchasing.

3 reasons to embrace smarter collaboration

Lenovo Smart Collaboration solutions improve productivity, employee retention, and the IT experience for your entire community.

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4 ways IT modernization is changing policing

AI, cloud-based tools, and collaboration advancements help police agencies ensure continuous public safety.

23-LENO-195_SLG_Gov_Article2 Carousel 552x343
How virtual courtrooms decrease delays and increase access

The adoption of virtual courtrooms has begun to solve for hearing delays. 76% of court professionals agree virtual courts offer constituents greater access to the legal system.1


 1 Thomson Reuters Institute, “2023 State of the Courts Report,” February 2023

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How public transportation is getting smarter

State and local public transportation experts are studying where $94 million in recent federal funding will improve their constituents’ transportation experience well into the future.

Endpoint security: Protecting sensitive data in a hybrid world

With continuing adoption of hybrid work and increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats emerging, state and local agencies face a challenging cybersecurity landscape. Keeping ahead of evolving threats requires an integrated approach to ensure sensitive data stays secure.


Explore innovation in public safety.

First responders and 911 operators are heroes in your community, working hard every day to protect and serve. Lenovo ensures you can keep these heroes connected and mobile with durable and dependable IT equipment wherever it’s needed.


Improved response times and connectivity

Managing public safety data has never been more important. Advances in technology and analytics mean first responders can improve response times and adapt to changing conditions as they emerge. Lenovo ensures access to multiple connectivity options, plus FirstNet Built® with AT&T-approved devices. Reliability is a must — turn to the Lenovo ISV-certified workstations trusted by 911 centers.

Performance improvement

Analytics and data sharing are also improving the flow of critical information to and from active scenes, which can highlight training opportunities and other areas for continuous improvement.


Mobile-first durability

Perfectly portable, with 2-in-1 and tablet options, the ThinkShield-secured Lenovo ThinkPad® X1 line is the perfect partner for mobile-first workers.

Modernize the judicial IT experience.

Lenovo helps you meet the increasing collaboration demands facing judicial-based IT with remote work solutions and dedicated devices that are purpose-built for modern communications.

Innovation for the courtroom

Today’s courtrooms require updated devices to handle the increased use of digital evidence and virtual collaboration. Explore the Lenovo ThinkCentre® Tiny-in-One (TIO) series for space-saving, modular, all-in-one monitors.

Collaboration solutions across departments

Reliable communication is paramount for remote collaboration across courthouses and corrections/rehab facilities. Lenovo Smart Collaboration hardware, software, and services were built to deliver secure, dependable connections from anywhere.

Explore Lenovo solutions for keeping government agile.

With the shift to work from anywhere, IT teams have had to adopt a more agile approach. Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology solutions engineered for reliability and productivity.


Premier Support

Get a single point of contact for 24/7 unscripted support to solve day-to-day issues quickly and keep your focus on priority initiatives.

Lenovo Managed Services

Provide end users with a premium technology experience from start to finish — while providing IT teams the freedom to innovate with the peace of mind that users are being well served.

Lenovo TruScale™ Device as a Service

From hardware and licensing to support and management, simplify your process with one contract and one point of contact. Pay as you grow and ensure the reliability of your security, governance, and latency.

ThinkPad® Family

Lenovo supports government employees wherever they work with the latest award-winning, productivity-building ThinkPad laptops.


ThinkCentre desktop PCs are designed to suit your unique budget, performance requirements, and work environment — from compact space savers to powerful towers and award-winning all-in-ones.


Designed for ultimate productivity, Lenovo ThinkStation workstations are engineered to meet the greatest demands on power, performance, and reliability.

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