Empowering K-12 education
Lenovo Education blends hardware, software and services to provide a comprehensive learning environment.

Unleash the power of Lenovo

Lenovo Education helps to provide a safe, accessible and collaborative experience for K-12 students, no matter where they are learning. Educators have new opportunities to inspire curiosity, while administrators benefit from cost-effective and time-saving innovation.

The K-12 classroom of tomorrow

Take a closer look at how classrooms can create a fully immersive learning experience with our interactive tool. Explore and discover how you can enhance core education with services and solutions designed to meet the needs of students and educators and take them beyond what was previously possible.


Attract and retain high quality educators and IT staff

Keep security, engagement and collaboration front and center. Utilize smarter solutions designed to protect data, immerse users, provide seamless continuity and reduce complexity.


Leading technology adaptable for diverse school budgets

Outfit your lab, media center or esports team with a variety of solutions for contemporary K-12 needs and growing trends such as AI—no matter the size of your school or your budget.


Scale with the changing needs of today’s students

Everybody’s needs are different. One-size-fits-all isn’t always effective. Create a personalized educational experience for each individual with the latest innovations in technology.


Robust, safe and compliant school infrastructures

Secure and flexible infrastructure solutions are built to help you meet regulations and lock down data with multiple layers of protection, safeguarding you from cyberthreats.

School works with Lenovo & Microsoft

The modern K-12 environment requires computing solutions that make things easy for students, teachers and IT staff. From the landscape to the device, Lenovo and Windows 11 are designed for education.

K12 and Windows 11
hybrid classroom

Solve the challenges of modern K-12 education

The tools and skills required for teaching K-12 students changed dramatically as a result of the pandemic. Hybrid classrooms required specialised, affordable technology.

Meanwhile, the sudden increase in network traffic presented a range of challenges, including manageability, accessibility and security. See how we can support your educational goals.

Explore this year’s report
on K-12 computing

Each year, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) surveys K-12 IT leaders in the US. The aim is to provide insight for the education sector’s specific technical challenges and digital strategies. As you might expect, during the first year of the pandemic, the IT landscape changed significantly. This year, slow internet connection was the biggest challenge, amongst many others.

K-12 computing

Reenergizing K-12 educators and administrators

IT leaders empower educators and administrators with technology for smarter collaboration, productivity, and professional development with Microsoft Teams and Lenovo solutions like the ThinkPad® L13, running Windows 11 and powered by Intel vPro® processors.

Discover Intel
Discover Intel® Skills for Innovation

Empower the next generation of innovators with the Skills for Innovation initiative by Intel® and Lenovo to support students today for the tech-driven workforce of the future.

The future of IT in education

Students, educators, administrators, and the community need to feel invested in education, informed about progress, and confident in the technology used.

Case Study
What successful K-12 collaboration looks like

Students who participate in active, collaborative learning perform better on tests and report that the collaboration helped them learn the subject.

What K-12 educators need now

Inspire the future of learning with smarter technology for teachers and administrators.

Combat educator attrition

Learn three clever ways professional development can keep teachers engaged.

Bridge collaboration gaps

Learn about the technology solutions that can bring collaboration back to the classroom.

Deploy smart with heart

Rather than focusing strictly on what teachers need from their technology, ask what they want from their profession.

Blog and Checklist
New digital learning vitals

Now is the time to invest in learning programs that can amplify classroom-based experiences.

Blog and Checklist
The right tech, right on time

Educators must be equipped with the best tools for the job, right from the start. 



Spark discovery without compromising security

Meet Windows 11 SE and upgrade to Windows 11, reimagined for a new era of the digital classroom and built to help K-12 educators unlock every student’s full potential.

Powerful devices, built for education

We design our range of Lenovo Education devices to withstand accidental knocks, drops and spills, while anchored keyboards can resist being pried apart by curious students.

ThinkPad E14
ThinkPad E14

A stylish, high-performance laptop with enhanced security and durability. Delivering hassle-free productivity power.

Lenovo 500e Gen 3
Lenovo 500e Yoga Chromebook

A workhorse to meet your learning needs, this lightweight 12” Intel-powered Chromebook is as durable as it is intuitive.

ThinkPad L13 Yoga-Intel
ThinkPad L13 Yoga Intel

Take productivity to the next level with a powerful, flexible 2-in-1 laptop that makes it easier to work and learn from anywhere.

power up

Power up learning with the latest technology

Supporting K-12 schools by providing teachers and students with powerful, innovative devices is just one part of the story. That’s why we provide end-to-end management and support services that help you unlock even more value from your technology investment.

Make learning fun, fast and accessible

Finding the right laptop for your students means you can deliver excellent performance where it’s needed most.

See more Chrome Education
K12 education

Our Chromebooks are simple and affordable, with plenty of power and software support. And they’re specially designed for the classroom.

See more Windows for Education
higher education

Our range of Windows 11 laptops deliver a cloud-first experience. They’re simple to deploy, manage and secure. Tailored for education.

Explore smarter education solutions

Adapt your educational approach to keep up with the latest advances in technology. Our tailored solutions enable greater collaboration between remote teachers and students, and unlock new learning opportunities.

education software
Education Software

Discover a digital alternative to traditional classrooms with our range of tools and services.


Inspire passion, foster new friendships and teach valuable skills with our Esports solution.

hybrid classroom 1
Hybrid Classroom

Connect with students in digital and physical classrooms simultaneously, wherever they are.

Smarter protection for curious minds

Lenovo ThinkShield is our customizable, end-to-end security solution that helps to ensure privacy, protection and safeguarding for your students, no matter where devices are being used.

smarter protection

Track and remotely lock
lost or stolen devices


Protect against
cyberattacks with
endpoint detection and


Monitor device health and


Apply filters that restrict
access to inappropriate


Update software and
applications remotely


Analyse network traffic for usage insight


Monitor accounts to
prevent cyberbullying

power imagination

Power imagination with Lenovo Workstations

Give your students access to professional-grade, high performance Lenovo Workstation devices to teach them vital skills that will prepare them for opportunities in engineering, media and entertainment, or other data-intensive professions.

Powerful Lenovo ThinkStations use first-class NVIDIA RTX™ GPUs to enable real-time collaboration and interaction with 3D models and photo-realistic visualisations. Your students can also connect to these powerful desktops remotely, using TGX Remote Workstation software.

Lenovo ThinkPad P-Series mobile workstations can also provide high-performance computing in a portable form-factor, enabling a more flexible approach to remote learning and collaboration.

Working together to develop potential

We work with industry leaders to build powerful devices that improve educational experiences. Rely on best-in-class performance from our range of laptops, 2-in-1s and tablets. And transform classrooms into connected, hybrid learning environments with our ready-to-go room kits.

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