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Your workstation, your data, your time

Our power users love their workstation. The power, performance, and reliability of a workstation is unrivaled - higher core counts, higher clock speeds, powerful GPUs, fast access to memory and storage, and ownership of their workstation.

However, over the last few years, where and when we work has changed dramatically. This has forced organizations to adapt rapidly to new ways of working to support their globally dispersed teams.

At Lenovo, we understand this is a challenge. Therefore, we are developing solutions that combine the most powerful workstations on the planet with best-in-class software tools to add ultimate flexibility and the ability to connect your people, data, and resources from the data center to the desk and beyond.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)


Product Development


Media and Entertainment


Healthcare and Life Science


Power meets flexibility

Whether you need to connect to your workstation at your desk from the home office, collaborate with teams across the globe, or migrate your workstations to the data center, Lenovo has you covered with a portfolio of products and solutions that enable power users to work from anywhere without compromise.

1:1 dedicated or virtualized workstations provide secure access to data and compute maximizing productivity for users and reducing cost for organizations.

Partner solutions

Certified best-in-class solutions developer to today’s power user.


TGX Remote Desktop Software

Developed by Mechdyne, a visualization company with a background in designing and delivering advanced display and visualization solutions globally, TGX was made with the user in mind. Created for designers, engineers, geoscientists, or any user with a graphic intensive application or a requirement to visualize their data at extreme resolutions, TGX transforms the way you work.


NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

Omniverse Enterprise simplifies complex design workflows for globally dispersed teams of any scale. By shortening design cycles and eliminating redundant file copies, artists, designers and engineers can unleash ultimate collaboration and create products of superior quality.



As many commercial and enterprise businesses continue to integrate more augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into their workflows, NVIDIA CloudXR a ground-breaking technology built on top of NVIDIA RTX, can help deliver AR & VR seamlessly across Wi-Fi & 5G networks.

From the data center to the desktop and beyond…

How do you improve the best workstations on the planet? It’s not easy, but at Lenovo, we continue to raise the bar. We have added software layers that provide the ultimate user experience for power users with ultra-responsive control supporting multi-user collaboration, full-color fidelity, and extreme display resolutions.

Looking for even more flexibility? Try a virtualized workstation. A simpler alternative to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and cloud at a fraction of the cost. It’s virtualization with a dedicated GPU on your favorite Lenovo ThinkStation.

Why Lenovo Workstations for
Remote Working?



SSL encryption for all network traffic and no data transmission (just pixel content) means your corporate data and IP always stay secure.


Ultra-high resolution

An as-local like experience with 4K UHD content on multiple monitors.


High Performance

Access powerful ThinkStation Workstations using thin and light ThinkPad mobile workstations—from anywhere.



Supremely responsive keyboard and mouse interactions but with minimal network bandwidth, typically less than 30% compared to competitor offerings.


Workforce Agility

Empower your workforce to work on any sized project, on any software application from almost anywhere in the world.

Built for power users

From sender to receiver, Lenovo Workstations give you a remote experience that feels local. With a broad portfolio of rack-mounted workstations to make the most of data centers, we are bringing together simplicity, security and performance for the ultimate power user experience.

ThinkStation P360 Ultra
  • Up to 12th Gen Intel® Core i9 with vPro®/AMT
  • Up to NVIDIA RTX A5500 mobile
  • Fast connectivity with 2.5 GbE
  • Optional active BMC
  • Rackmount/deskside design
  • 0.714 U per user/workstation
  • 1:1 remote workstation
ThinkStation P620
  • AMD Ryzen Threadipper PRO up to 64 cores
  • Up to 4x NVIDIA RTX 4000
  • Up to 1TB ECC memory
  • 6 PCIe Gen 4 ports
  • 4x Ultra-High-End vWS Instances (dGPU)
  • Up to 192x vWS Instances (vGPU)
  • Virtualized workstation
ThinkStation P7
  • Intel® Xeon® W-3400 processor up to 56 cores
  • Up to 3 NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada
  • Rack-optimized
  • Co-designed with Aston Martin, featuring advanced thermal architecture
  • Virtualized workstation
ThinkStation PX
  • Dual 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors up to 120 cores, 60 cores per CPU
  • Up to 4 NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada
  • Up to 2TB DDR5 memory
  • Up to 12TB PCIe SSDs
  • 4x Ultra-High-End vWS Instances (dGPU)
  • Virtualized workstation
ThinkSystem SR655 2U
  • Up to 64 core AMD 7003 EPYC processor
  • Up to 2x NVIDIA RTX  4000 GPUs
  • Up to 2TB memory
  • Up to 20 x 3.5” or 23 x 2.5” drives
  • 8 x PCIe Gen 4 slots
  • Windows/Ubuntu/Red Hat/Linux Host OS w/KVM

Smarter technology solutions



Keep up with fast-changing times with Lenovo ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile and ThinkEdge servers and storage. Powered by next-generation Intel® and AMD processors, we equip businesses with greater agility, resiliency, and performance.



We’ve partnered with the industry’s most trusted security providers to make sure every new Lenovo product is secure by design, but still customizable to your unique needs and budget.


Environmentally conscious

With Lenovo Sustainability Services, you can give your workstation a second life or offset its carbon emissions to make a positive impact on the planet.

Smarter in action

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