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In this new-normal hybrid working environment, work is what you do, no longer where you go. As a result, employee talent has become more dispersed than ever before, making remote productivity and collaboration a high business priority. Empower your hybrid workforce with a true work from anywhere solution designed for power users. With Lenovo’s best in class remote workstation solutions running on NVIDIA GPUs, users across your organization can stay securely connected, regardless of their workflow, software application or project size.

Designed for Power Users

Specialized power users in industries such as Architecture, Engineering, Design, Media & Entertainment, and Data Science have workflows that are far more complex than traditional desktop, mobile, or hybrid workers. These workflows demand higher-end compute and graphics capabilities typically only performed by high-powered professional workstations. With project size and complexity in these industries only continuing to grow, these specialized professionals need a solution to fit their unique needs.

Lenovo’s remote workstation solutions harness the power of NVIDIA GPUs to deliver a solution that is not only easy to deploy and manage, but is also fully secure – enabling businesses of all sizes to stay productive, efficient and agile no matter what the future may hold.

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Ultimate Productivity, Collaboration and Security for Complete Peace of Mind
Lenovo workstations powered by NVIDIA graphics


High Performance


Lenovo’s turn-key remote workstation solution is designed for power users working remotely. Unlike traditional remote, virtual or mobile workstations, this best-in-class solution delivers the FULL power of Lenovo Workstations to remote or hybrid users; allowing employees to work from any location without compromising productivity and end user experience.




Secure corporate data and IP with SSL encryption for all network traffic. No data leaves the host workstation; only graphical pixels that are encrypted by 256-AES encryption.


Multi-User Collaboration


Seamlessly connect users across the globe for easy collaboration on complex projects, design and creative review sessions, and more.




Combine a highly configurable Lenovo ThinkStation P Series desktop or rack-mounted workstation with TGX Remote Workstation software and your choice of client or end-point device for access to workstation power anytime, anywhere.

Unlock Smarter remote productivity from anywhere
with Lenovo mobile workstations powered by NVIDIA graphics

ThinkPad P1 Gen 5

ThinkPad P1 Gen 5

Perfect blend of form & function

With graphics support up to NVIDIA RTX™ A5500 GPU, a 16-inch panel, narrow bezel and a 16:10 aspect ratio for increased screen real estate – this mobile powerhouse is a content creator’s dream.

ThinkPad P16

ThinkPad P16 Gen 1

Next-level power on-the-go

Designed to deliver the highest levels of mobile performance, ThinkPad P16 powered by professional NVIDIA RTX graphics will enable the ultimate power user to step out of the office, and do more.

Connecting the Enterprise with TGX Remote Workstation Software

TGX is different. Developed by Mechdyne, a visualization company with a background in designing and delivering advanced display and visualization solutions globally, TGX was made with the user in mind. Created for designers, engineers, geoscientists, or any user with a graphic intensive application or a requirement to visualize their data at extreme resolutions, TGX transforms the way you work.

· 4K UHD Support @ 60Hz
· Multi-Monitor Support (Up to 4)
· Low Latency, As Local Experience
· Low Network Bandwidth
· Powerful USB Pass-Through

· Unique Wacom Tablet Support
· LAN, WAN & 5G Networks Supported
· Enterprise Grade Security with 256bit AES Encryption
· Windows, Linux & MacOS Client Devices Supported
· Fully Scalable from 1-1000+ Users

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Supremely responsive keyboard and mouse interactions with minimal network bandwidth, typically less than 30% compared to competitor offerings.

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Windows or Linux Operating Systems

Full support for Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems to deliver a diverse set of use cases and user personas, regardless of location or workflow.

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Operate up to four monitors/displays with ease, delivering maximum desktop real-estate and ultimate workflow efficiency.

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Work Your Way

Set up a workspace that’s as efficient as any cubicle with Lenovo Go’s range of accessories, including wireless mice, headphones with Active Noise Cancelling, power banks, and more.

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Connect to Ultimate Power

Access the most powerful workstations from anywhere by tapping into the power of our ThinkStation P Series portfolio anytime, anywhere.

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Your Choice of Client Device

Choose any of our thin, light and reliable ThinkPad portfolio, from thin and light laptops to portable, yet powerful mobile workstations. Or for a small and highly compact desktop, check out the world’s smallest desktop PCs.

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Enabling Power Users Across Industries


Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)



Product development



Media and entertainment



Data Science


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