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See lessons from a new perspective with a complete VR solution

Virtual Reality (VR) gives students the ability to dive into immersive projects, explore new subjects, and interact and collaborate with others – no matter where they are. Lenovo VR Classroom is a complete solution that enables to teachers to deliver next-generation educational experiences. Hardware, software, support and awe-inspiring content all included.

Simple and flexible by design

Lenovo VR Classroom works right out of the box. No training or experience needed. Tailor content to your academic needs. Manage and control every device from a single source, and open the door to endless creativity.

A new reality for education

Education forecast to be the 4th largest sector for VR investment by 2025.

Predicted spend on VR in education by 2025.
(17 Trends in Educational Technology That Will Define 2021 | Mark in Style)

75% (VR) vs 10%
V-learners were up to four times more focused than e-learners.
(The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality Soft Skills Training in the Enterprise | PWC)

The retention rate for information absorbed in different ways.
(VR Learn Virtual Reality & Learning report | ivrtrain.com)

VR success stories from around the world

VR connects student teachers at Ithaca College

Student teachers at Ithaca College, New York meet online using VR headsets to prepare and deliver immersive learning.

Inner city kids discover whole new VR worlds

Baltimore students use VR technology to help them understand everything from rollercoaster physics to the ecology of a rainforest

Staffordshire university prescribes VR learning  

Keele University medical students use VR-powered 3D modelling and imagery to learn how to properly diagnose and perform surgical procedures.

Preparing students for tomorrow, today

VR and AR are the future of education – but they can also solve problems and improve outcomes right here and now

Standalone VR

Avoid Zoom burnout when working remotely. Harness AR and VR technology to reduce mental exhaustion, enhance student engagement, and improve collaboration and virtual interaction.


Get students exercising whatever the weather. VR headsets bring the sports field to the classroom – letting everyone practice techniques, develop teamwork skills, and stay active.

virtual classroom

Take students on immersive field trips to increase engagement and ‘hands-on’ learning. Tour museums and galleries, visit world heritage sites, and practice language skills in virtual foreign settings – all from the comfort of the classroom.


Replace in-person scenarios with simulations to reduce costs – so that schools with limited resources or geographic disadvantages can deliver the best learning outcomes.

virtual environments

Reduce classroom distractions and give educators better control by immersing students in virtual environments. Make lessons interactive from anywhere to boost interest and increase focus.

Create safe, controlled environments to better support students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) or autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Power STEM

Power STEM experiences from anywhere with virtual labs. Bring the science curriculum to life by interacting with molecular models, visualising theories, and even practising dissection in one interactive virtual environment.

Putting everyone on the same page

VR and Augmented Reality (AR) were once luxury technologies in schools. But as the pandemic disrupted traditional learning environments and shone a light on a growing economic divide, both now offer a cost-effective way to level the playing field. Find out why.

Preparing students for what’s next

AR and VR are transforming advanced learning. From anatomy to aerospace, teachers use the technology to give students field experience before they even reach the field. Helping future graduates to prepare for life after academia. Here’s how.

“VR technology has come a long way since it was first introduced to consumers many years ago. Games and entertainment are still in focus, but with the right customized software, it undoubtedly has a huge potential in educational contexts. The hardware is ready, now the software developers must start developing new teaching apps.”

Lasse Remmer, Lead Ambassador, Future Classroom Lab DK, Copenhagen

Mirage VR S3 headset – increase the possible

Open the doors to boundless creativity with this powerful, all-in-one device. Straight out of the box, you’ll get everything you need to create awe-inspiring learning opportunities for students – wherever they are.

Sharp 4K visuals

Wireless controller

Integrated audio

Up to 3 hours’ battery life

Ages 13+

Can be worn over glasses

Device management

VR isn’t a substitute teacher. An educator is still needed to make sure that every VR lesson runs smoothly and productively.

ThinkReality is a software solution which offers a unique level of visibility and control. It allows every Lenovo VR Classroom device to be managed from a single source. Teachers use it to see what’s being displayed on each headset, and to start and stop apps simultaneously for all students.

Classroom management

Remote learning is here, and it’s here to stay. More lessons are taking place online, and teachers need to ensure that they’re just as productive as those held in classrooms.

LanSchool Air is a cloud-based classroom management solution that enables teachers to manage and monitor apps and student activity. LanSchool Air helps students to maintain focus on learning and achieveing more. It also helps teachers connect with students to create more meaningful online experiences, both in the classroom and remotely.

Take your students anywhere

It’s no secret – students learn best through experience. And in Lenovo’s VR Classroom, your students can experience everything from ancient Rome to the most complex STEM environments. Take a look at how Lenovo can help with student development.

Curriculum mapped learning, including interactive lab modules for science and maths.
Find out more.

Digital platform offering interactive VR and 360-degree experiences for immersive learning.

Take students on stunning wildlife experiences in Africa, Asia, and the Amazon.

Access to over 60 VR titles, focused on science, history and career and technical education (CTE).

Virtual interactive careers guidance with immersive, 360-degree gamified experiences.

A powerful ecosystem of leading education solutions

Lenovo offers filter, safety, and classroom management solutions to power digital learning in schools and colleges. Get end-to-end services and support from a team of customer-focused education experts.

Lenovo for schools

Teaching and learning has changed forever. A hybrid approach that blends the classroom with remote education has become normal for most. And schools need more from their technology as a result. Lenovo’s durable devices mean everyone has access to new ways of learning, both remotely and back at school

Lenovo for universities

Universities are rethinking strategies following the pandemic. Educators need the right technology to deliver exceptional student experiences, whether in-person or online. Lenovo education solutions help universities boost creativity, collaboration, and computing power — with security as standard.

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