Debeka group customer story
Debeka Group Customer Story
Modernizing insurance sales
Clinica Medilaser SAS Customer Story
Clínica Medilaser SAS Customer Story
Helping deliver quality care
University of Birmingham Customer Story
University of Birmingham Customer Story
Providing sustainable IT
Grupo OMX Customer Story
Grupo OMX Customer Story
Cutting costs with Lenovo TruScale
Aston Martin Workstation and VR Customer Story
Aston Martin Customer Story
Driving the pursuit of perfection
Cardinal Gibbons Customer Story
Cardinal Gibbons High School Customer Story
CONNECTING STUDENTS WITH GAME-CHANGING TECHNOLOGY. See how Cardinal Gibbons High School builds a robust 1:1 computing program from the ground up.
College of Southern Nevada Customer Story
Putting staff and students first
Midland College Customer Story
Smarter reacts fast to keep education on track. When Midland College needed to move learning online in the early days of the pandemic, Lenovo and partner Abacus Computers helped the college step up its IT capabilities in record time.
ITS Rizolli
Smarter gives trainees the right tools to learn and grow. Milan’s Istituto Tecnico Superiore (ITS) Angelo Rizzoli wanted to shape better learning experiences for trainees while giving them valuable hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.
Liceo Steam Customer Story
Smater keeps learning on the cutting edge. Liceo STEAM International is a school located in Rovereto, Northern Italy. In 2019, a new school was opened in Bologna and in 2021, another in Parma.
IC Toscanini Customer Story
Smarter embraces new ways of learning. Thanks to a donation of all-new Lenovo Chromebooks, IC Toscanini was able to jump-start its transition to a smart classroom model, sparking a more interactive and engaging approach to learning.