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The Energy industry faces many challenges, as it strives to improve operational efficiency and resilience while meeting environmental and social governance goals. Lenovo Energy Solutions can help you achieve the transformation required, with technologies that streamline operations, secure supply chains, strengthen worker safety, and accelerate the journey to net zero. Learn about these innovative solutions from Lenovo and its carefully chosen ecosystem of partners.


The era of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is central to digital transformation in the industry. Designed for AI, Lenovo computing helps you make the most of powerful AI tools such as generative AI, machine learning, deep learning and large language modelling, which can quickly analyze seismic data give you valuable insights into your operations.

Our ThinkSystem devices, like the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V3 powered by 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, help you realize AI’s ever-growing potential. ThinkEdge SE10 and SE10-1, powered by 10nm Intel Atom CPUs, are specifically engineered for edge environments where AI data is generated.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas faces big challenges. The complexity of remote exploration. Defending against sophisticated, advanced persistent threats. Improving efficiency. Whether upstream,  midstream, or downstream, Lenovo addresses these challenges with formidable computing devices.

Upstream, advanced Lenovo technologies and services process seismic data at lightning speed, enhance security, improve remote operations, collaboration, and more. For midstream, we provide dedicated real-time analytics, asset tracking, and automation. Downstream, advanced analytics deliver real-time insights to ensure uninterrupted services.

Discover our Upstream, Midstream and Downstream offerings


With upstream the cornerstone of operations, energy demands, and environmental issues take on ever greater importance. Lenovo helps meet these needs with Advanced Energy Solutions.


Lenovo prioritizes safety, security, predictive maintenance and mixed-reality immersive solutions for training and workflow learning for midstream operations.


Advanced analytics, which include real-time insights, allows you to gather critical data that reveals peak operating times at convenience store fueling stations, and traffic flows.

Renewable energy

Whether on-shore or off-shore, Lenovo helps you monitor, manage, and improve solar, wind, thermal, and hydro operations in real time. As well as this; protect employees, avoid unplanned downtime, and build more efficient sites.

Lenovo’s ThinkEdge and ThinkSystem servers provide real-time insights at the edge, so you can act quickly, plan accurately, and remedy issues before they become problems. Further, Lenovo’s Neptune liquid cooling in the ThinkSystem SD650 V2 helps you reduce energy costs by 40%, while ThinkShield’s layered security safeguards your infrastructure.



The move to greater energy efficiency requires new thinking as demands on smart grids increase. The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 V3, and ThinkSystem SE350 Edge Servers help you put powerful AI inferencing to work everywhere so you gain lightning-like, real-time insight, for 21st-century management.

And with the advanced computing vision of ThinkStation P Series workstations, powered by Intel® processors, and proven trusted ThinkShield security, we help you effortlessly deliver sweepingly comprehensive safety, security, and resiliency.

Powerful workstations. Powerful improvements.

Lenovo ThinkStation P Series Workstations, powered by the latest Intel® Core and Xeon® Scalable processors, provide the strength to turn AI-generated data into useful operational insights.  While the power of the ThinkPad P Series mobile workstation allows you to work effortlessly in busy and remote environments. GeoComputing’s RiVA, the world’s most powerful GeoComputing platform, is an ultra-high performance virtual workstation platform, which processes seismic data at lightning speeds, to help you transform security and remote operations.


A well of expertise


A more sustainable future

Never in the history of the energy industry have companies faced so much pressure to develop sustainability in their operations. Our suite of Lenovo Energy Solutions is designed to help the energy industry limit environmental footprints and play a global leading role in the journey to green.


Steel door security

Faced with advanced persistent threats from hostile nation-states, cyber blackmailers, and hacking groups, the need to protect intellectual property is pressing. Lenovo’s proven ThinkShield protects deeply at all levels of your operations, from the mobile workforce to headquarters, infrastructure and beyond.


End-to-end services

From consultation to deployment, management and support, Lenovo provides flexible services and customized technologies, to meet the needs of energy companies. Services range from ensuring the supply chain is equipped to meet fluctuating demand to improving worker safety and much more.

Scalable, cost-effective, IaaS and DaaS

Lenovo TruScale, which covers Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS), simplifies procurement, deployment, and management of technologies. From pocket devices to on-prem infrastructure and everything in between, TruScale gives you access to fully integrated technologies so you can innovate without limits. And it’s all delivered as a service with the simplicity of a scalable, on-demand model. So you can enjoy simplified data management and thrive amidst change.


Reduce IT device costs by up to 30%


Make procurement move 30% faster


Reduce 20% cost on delivered services

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