Do the Unthinkable
Your business deserves the best – ThinkBook delivers. Mix work and personal life or focus without distraction – ThinkBook works your way.

Next-generation intelligence, built in.

Smart computing just got better.

With the power of artificial intelligence fuelling Lenovo’s AI-enabled ThinkBooks, you’ll get better performance, connectivity, and collaboration across everything you do.

Simplify everyday tasks, boost creativity, and enhance how you are seen and heard. This isn’t just intelligent computing, it’s a smarter way to achieve more.

Unthinkably surprising

ThinkBook is the laptop you haven’t been expecting.

Ingenious features. Innovative technology. Stunning performance. Stylish design. Robust reliability. Built-in security.

To find even half those qualities in a laptop family would be surprising. To find them all is nothing short of amazing.

But then ThinkBook is no ordinary laptop family.


ThinkBook: Designed to delight, built to last

The Lenovo ThinkBook laptops have evolved with you, to support your work. With an optimized light design for flexible workflows, and the latest, fastest processors to power innovation, you can finally go beyond the ordinary. You can do the unthinkable.

But what’s the thinking behind the ThinkBook family?


Pushing work boundaries

To support even the busiest of employees, the ThinkBook family features the latest technology to enhance the user experience and never fall short of their expectations. All while keeping the environment in mind, by using eco-friendly packaging and offering sustainable services.


Premium design with no compromise

Lightweight, and sturdy. Modern looks, and powerful performance. You have to make no compromise with the ThinkBook family: the double-arc design and dual-tone finish gives it a great look, and it’s been MIL-STD-810H tested for even greater durability.


Any user, any purpose

A multi-device experience in one. From extended battery life to exceptional business performance, the ThinkBook family supports any type of workflow, including heavy-duty creative work on-the-go, thanks to the latest processors, dedicated graphics and ultra-slim build.

ThinkBook: Featured ThinkBooks for 2024


ThinkBook 13x Gen 4

Go-anywhere productivity

The premier Lenovo ThinkBook is a fit-for-all portable laptop offering high performance, elegance, and built-in sustainability.

The first-ever collaborative project between Lenovo, the Microsoft SEED program and Intel’s ACE program this super-sleek laptop delivers faster workflows, all-day battery life, lightning-fast connectivity, and smart AI features.

Benefit from:


It’s powerful 35W Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 processor – Intel® Evo™ certified to guarantee superior productivity and mobility.


Elegant design featuring edge-to-edge keyboard functionality and unibody construction.


All day battery with 74 Whr.


Lenovo’s AI LA3 chip features including Lenovo smart Metering and Instant Power-on to MEMC Algorithm.

ThinkBook Plus Gen 5

All you need, in one place

Providing a complete Hybrid PC Solution, the detachable ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 seamlessly blends work and play with the power of two operating systems, processors, memory, and storage in one versatile device.

Delivering a new level of flexible efficiency for those who demand uninterrupted performance.


Work smarter with:


Detachable screen for flexible functionality.


Dual OS, processors, memory and storage.


Stream your favourite Android apps to Windows.


14″ full-function Android Tablet with Pen support for all-day productivity.


ThinkBook 16p Gen 5

All you need, in one place

This smart laptop just got smarter. Transform daily workflows with intelligent AI features that boost performance, audio-visual capabilities and security.

Optimized battery charging responds to real-time demand and usage, making sure you get extreme power and performance, whenever you need it.

Perform better with:


Powered by 14th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU and Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU.


Entirely new and advanced thermal airflow design with TDP output of 180W.


16″ high-quality display with X-rite colour calibration.


Flexible expansion with Lenovo Magic Bay accessories.

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5

Perfectly balance work and play

Designed to help you multitask with ease, the dual screen or detachable screen ThinkBook Plus redefines what’s possible in a thin and light computer. Smarter AI features effortlessly boost performance, collaboration, and creativity.


Key benefits:

  • Dual touchscreen for cross-screen workflows provide a never-before 21:10 aspect ratio

  • 14″ full-function, detachable Android Tablet with Digital Pen support for flexibility and all-day productivity

  • Base station keyboard for enhanced multitasking

  • Use as a standalone Windows PC while using the tablet to take notes and browse applications

  • Unlock AI experiences with the Latest generation of Intel® Ultra Core™ processors

  • Up to 1TB PCle SSD for fast storage


Lenovo ThinkBook 13x Gen 4

Where beauty meets intelligence

These sleek, fit-for-all laptops mix performance and style in a chassis built on the Intel® Evo™ platform. Combining high performance, and productivity rich features, with design elegance and sustainability, they’re ready for all-day work – without compromise.

Key benefits:

  • All day battery life with 74Whr

  • Up to 32GB dual-channel LPDDR5 memory and up to 2TB PCle Gen4 SSD for fast, smooth performance

  • 13.3″ panel with 97% screen-to-body ratio (STBR) and 3:2 aspect ratio for more screen space

  • Intel® Arc graphics for a greater experience when watching 8K videos

  • 3x Thunderbolt 4 for fast transfers from a single port, and Wi-Fi 6E for high-speed connectivity

  • Smart AI collaboration to translate voice or audio into on-screen text in one of 14 supported languages

  • 13″ heavy performer 35W Intel® Core™ Ultra 9, LPDDR5x 8400MHz Memory

Lenovo ThinkBook 16p Gen 5

Powerful, intelligent processing

The smart laptop just got smarter. Built to deliver extreme performance in the office or on the move, the ThinkBook P Series enables innovation, anywhere you need it.


Key benefits:

  • Up to 32GB DDR5 memory, Gen 5 dual 2280 SSDs and Intel®  Raptor Lake Refresh CPU Platform and Nvidia RTX 4060 GPU dedicated graphics for improved performance

  • Up to 16 inch 16:10 display and X-Rite™ Pantone® color calibration and VESA-certified DisplayHDR™ 400 for enhanced visuals

  • Whisper Voice AI-driven noise-canceler to filter out distracting ambient noises

  • Up to 2TB of dual M.2 PCIe SSD to meet programmer requirements for storage and speedy file access

  • DDR5 memory for smooth computing

  • Advanced thermal airflow design with TDP output of 180W


Lenovo ThinkBook 14 & 16 Series

Every day, elevated experiences.

Lenovo ThinkBook Series laptops boost productivity. From their ergonomically designed keyboard positioning that alleviates body strain, to the stunning displays with low blue-light technology for eyecare, these business laptops deliver convenience and comfort.

Key benefits:

  • Powered by latest Intel Core Ultra platform and up to RTX 4060 GPU

  • Dual-fan thermal technology for maximum system performance

  • Mechanical camera shutter and fingerprint-activated power button to protect your business data and privacy

  • Experience seamless connectivity with the TGX dock, exclusively available through the OCulink port (a feature reserved for ThinkBook 14/16 Gen 6+i laptops)

  • AI-accelerated performance streamlines demanding workflows

Experience ThinkBook quality and reliability

Watch the videos, then download the facts about ThinkBook. There’s much more to these sleek, capable laptops than meets the eye.


Lenovo TruScale Device as a Service (DaaS)

Pay As You Go ThinkBook even more affordable.

There’s a new way to pay for your ThinkBook laptop. Instead of budget-hungry CapEx, Lenovo TruScale DaaS enables you to pay-as-you go with an OpEx subscription model.

It means that your teams will always have the latest technology – including the entire ThinkBook range – consistent solutions, and a predictable, transparent fee.

Lenovo TruScale DaaS is a fully managed as a service model that offers the broadest portfolio of reliable, high-quality hardware, software, and services through one single provider.

Why choose Lenovo?


Industry’s broadest portfolio from ‘pocket to cloud’


Lenovo is the world’s #1 PC manufacturer


Industry-best reliability


Global supply chain with Lenovo-owned manufacturing and customer fulfilment service centers

ThinkShield on ThinkBook

Comprehensive protection for data, devices, and users.

This advanced end-to-end security solution provides built-in platform security and device protection, plus threat and data protection. It includes security management tools that help protect critical business information.

  • Platform security: Included standard security features for protection ‘right out of the box’

  • Device protection: Enhanced hardware security and services for an additional layer of protection for devices

  • Threat and data protection: Software and cloud-based solutions that seamlessly integrate with devices to shield from cyber threats

  • Security management: Solutions that provide better ways to deploy, manage and monitor IT assets

  • Protected access: Authentication features include network and GPS security, facial recognition, secure Near Field Communication, match on chip fingerprint reader, Bluetooth, as well as password and PINs

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