Lenovo Virtual Care

Lenovo Virtual Care

Lenovo Virtual Care is a patient-to-provider solution that allows you to remotely monitor, guide, and educate patients with chronic health conditions. In partnership with Vianova Health, the Lenovo Virtual Care solution combines trusted Lenovo hardware with advanced biometric devices and AI-powered software. This innovative and powerful technology allows you to coach patients through their individualized care plans and produce better overall outcomes.

We’ve developed a video to help you understand better how the service will work in practice.

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Lenovo Virtual Care Resources

Lenovo Virtual Care Solution Brief

The Lenovo Virtual Care solution is comprehensive. This end-to-end patient engagement solution facilitates communication in addition to providing remote patient monitoring, customized care plan, targeted patient education, healthy habit formation, digital assistance from “Rosie”, and remote visits. To learn more, please click the button below.

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Lenovo Virtual Care Datasheet

Lenovo has a unique solution to managing chronic health conditions to increase patient engagement and care plan adherence, reduce readmission rates, and improve patient outcomes all without placing extra burden on healthcare providers. To learn more about Lenovo’s offering in partnership with Vianova Health, please click the button below.

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Virtual Care Video

Lenovo’s Virtual Care Healthcare product manager, Matt Mikula discusses Lenovo Virtual Care and demonstrates all the major functionality of the solution. Watch the video to see Lenovo Virtual Care in action..

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