Device as a Service

TruScale Device-as-a-Service: a refreshingly simple approach to device management

Streamline your device refresh planning
and equip your organization with the
latest state-of-the-art technology.

Deploy powerful new technologies

Technological innovation continues to outpace the average life span of devices. But you’ll no longer be stuck with obsolete hardware with TruScale Device-as-a-Service. Thanks to end-to-end lifecycle management you can provide your organization’s people with the latest technology to power business forward.


Confidently harness remote working

Working life is inexorably shifting to a ‘work anywhere, anytime, with any device’ culture. TruScale Device-as-a-Service puts you on the front line with access to the latest powerful mobile devices, galvanized with a variety of software and services designed to enhance remote working.


Full lifecycle

End-to-end monitoring, maintenance and support for your entire fleet



Powerful devices, services and security to maximize your IT performance



More flexible operational expenditure and easier budgeting

Stay on the leading edge


of organizations that have adopted Device-as-a-Service reported a decrease in cost per seat under the program compared to purchasing technology outright. 1


of employees surveyed said their PC devices were out of date or insufficient (e.g., not fast enough, reliable enough, or powerful enough). 2


of CIOs report increasing use of Device-as-a-Service year on year. 3


Measure the value‑add

See how TruScale Device-as-a-Service can reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO), while providing you with the most advanced technology, enhanced and supported by a layer of value-add services.

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One solution to simplify all your device needs

TruScale Device-as-a-Service gives you the flexibility to choose from a broad range of services to streamline all aspects of your device lifecycle.

You can choose specific devices that can be configured to the needs of individual users, and deployed with out-of-the-box functionality and endpoint security from the moment they’re used. The true difference kicks in with extra layers of partnership, like Premier Support and device management solutions, which help to keep every device, and end-user, in optimal working condition.

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See what TruScale Device-as-a-Service has enabled for our customers

As more businesses are deciding to benefit from the TruScale Device-as-a-Service model, what difference has the added flexibility, cost-efficiency and security made for our customers?


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TruScale Device-as-a-Service

Get a better understanding of our TruScale Device-as-a-Service solution, and learn more about the benefits that it can bring to your IT teams, your end-users, and your business.


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See how simple – and affordable – your next fleet refresh can be.

Talk to your TruScale Device-as-a-Service representative and learn more about how a customized TruScale Device-as-a-Service solution can deliver significant financial and efficiency benefits for your organization.