Defining the Productivity Strategy

Based on organizational technology maturity and available budgets, every company will approach the productivity challenge differently.
But it's important to remember three core aspects of productivity.


Deploying Modern Device


Enhancing Device


Enabling Better

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Deploy Modern Device Technology

Today's modern workplace comprises users in different job roles who have distinctive technology requirements. So,
businesses must ensure that each user is equipped with devices that complement their job roles for maximum

Where to start? Businesses firstly should understand the different users that make up their organizational infrastructure.
Broadly, the modern workforce can be divided into three kinds of users: mobile, non-mobile, and advanced.

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Mobile Users

Customer-facing professionals and executives who are always on the move need devices that enable productivity on the go. These devices need to come with advanced connectivity features that enable users to access data from anywhere, anytime. They also need devices that are lightweight and come with good battery life.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

  • RapidCharge technology provides up to 80% battery in an hour’s charge, enabling maximum efficiency even on the go.

  • Intel® ThunderboltTM 3 technology enables lightning-fast data transfer at up to 40Gbps speed.

  • Built-in optional global LTE-A enables non-stop connectivity for uninterrupted productivity.


Carbon fiber chassis and magnesium alloy roll-cage for added strength


Latest generation Intel® Quad CoreTM Processor for improved performance


Up to 15 hours of battery life for seamless flow of work

ThinkPad E480

ThinkPad E480

  • Stream videos, share files at high-speed, and charge mobile devices via the USB 3.1 Gen2 port.

  • Up to 13 hours of battery life keeps users productive both indoors and outdoors.

  • Latest generation Intel® CoreTM Processors enable power-packed performance for optimum productivity.


Effortless connectivity with multiple ports


Dual array microphone for effective conferencing


Ergonomic keyboard for comfort and accuracy

Lenovo V330

Lenovo V330

  • Latest generation Intel® CoreTM Processors coupled with DDR4 memory offer highly responsive performance.

  • Hassle-free connectivity with USB-C for productivity on the move.

  • Additional battery with the optional Ultrabay drive for unhindered working.


Anti-glare widescreen display for better clarity


Large touchpad for easy navigation


QuickCharge battery for uninterrupted flow of work*

* Applicable only with 30Whr battery

ThinkPad L380 Yoga

ThinkPad L380 Yoga

  • Multiple modes such as the laptop, tablet, tent, and stand enable users to work the way they like.

  • The latest Intel® CoreTM Processors with optional Intel® vProTM technology enable advanced security and manageability features for seamless productivity.

  • With its powerful battery life, users can enjoy up to 12 hours of uninterrupted efficiency.


Multi-touch, anti-glare display for better visual experience


Extensive I/O ports such as USB-C, USB 3.0 and HDMI for enhanced productivity


720p HD camera with dual array microphone for easy collaboration

ThinkPad L380

ThinkPad L380

  • Extensive I/O ports such as USB-C, USB 3.0, and HDMI make it easy to plug multiple peripherals for increased productivity.

  • Windows 10 Pro with Cortana allows users to integrate their calendar, search for files, and gain quick access to data.

  • RapidCharge technology provides up to 80% charge in 60 minutes, ensuring uninterrupted working.


Lightweight form factor for easy portability


Latest generation Intel® with vProTM Processors for fast performance


Full-HD IPS display for viewing acuity


Non-mobile Users

Users who spend more hours at their desks need devices that come with advanced communication features, high storage capabilities, fast memory, high processing power, and ergonomic design. They also need devices that enable easy multitasking and have a low footprint.

ThinkCentre M920x Tiny

ThinkCentre M920x Tiny

  • Latest generation Intel® CoreTM with vProTM Processor ensures ultimate productivity.

  • Users can connect up to six* independent displays to compare an array of charts or complex designs in vivid detail.

  • Compact design frees up valuable desk space and can easily fit almost anywhere.

    *Requires the configuration of optional RX460 graphics card


Optional ThinkCentre Dust Shield for reducing dust intake by up to 40%


4-port LAN add-on card for enhanced productivity


High-speed DDR4 memory for performance without any lags

ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 3

ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 3

  • Full-HD IPS LED borderless display in a sleek design for rich content creation.

  • The touch-activated 1080p camera enables effective collaboration anywhere, anytime.

  • Adjustable lift, tilt, pivot, and swivel functions ensure comfortable viewing from all angles, especially when shared by multiple users.


USB 3.1 port for better connectivity to other peripherals


Camera with turndown module for effortless privacy


Thin Client compatibility for optimum productivity

ThinkCentre M920 SFF

ThinkCentre M920 SFF

  • Optional Intel® OptaneTM memory amplifies the PC’s responsiveness for a superior computing experience.

  • CPU, memory, storage, and graphics card can be easily upgraded to handle increasing workloads.

  • Multiple USB 3.1 ports enable easy connectivity to peripherals to maximize productivity.


Smart Power On feature for remote desktop accessibility


DDR4 memory and PCIe SSD storage for a responsive performance


Chassis E-Lock for protection of key components of the device


Advanced Users

Professionals who work on heavy content creation and data analysis tasks need devices that offer a superior and responsive performance. They need devices that have advanced features, high processing capabilities and support specialized software.

ThinkPad T580

ThinkPad T580

  • Latest generation Intel® CoreTM Processors to handle intensive tasks efficiently.

  • Optional NVIDIA® GeForce® MX150 graphics card to execute graphics-rich tasks with ease.

  • Up to 26 hours* of battery life with Power Bridge technology for uninterrupted productivity.

    *Based on testing with MobileMark 2014


15-inch UHD screen for unimpeded clarity


Intel® ThunderboltTM 3 for lightning-fast data transfer up to 40Gbps speed


Hot swappable battery for uninterrupted flow of work

ThinkPad P1

ThinkPad P1

  • Intel® XeonTM Processor and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics for powerful computing.

  • Smooth multitasking with up to 64GB DDR4 memory and PCIe SSD OPAL 2.0.

  • ISV-certified applications for optimal productivity by enabling better software performance.


4K display with IPS technology for better visual experience


Up to 13 hours of battery life for seamless working


Dual Intel® ThunderboltTM 3 port for optimal data transfers with up to 40Gbps speed

ThinkStation P920 Tower

ThinkStation P920 Tower

  • DDR4 memory and M.2 PCIe storage load heavy files and apps faster for a smoother flow of work.

  • With the ISV-certified applications, graphical tasks become more productive.

  • Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® GPUs for extreme performance.


RAID-capable M.2 PCIe solution for higher storage capabilities


Abundant I/O ports for enhanced connectivity and multitasking


Patented Tri-channel Cooling for better system performance

Enhance Device Output

Deploying the right devices is half the puzzle solved. Businesses must choose the right endpoint device ecosystem to ensure that they are truly deriving the value from their investments. With the increase in number of work hours per week, job roles are evolving to becoming more holistic. There is a rise in competitive pressures to drive efficiencies and time to market; employees need to be given the right tools to meet their job requirements better while minimizing strain and fatigue.

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Ergonomics Enhancers


Productivity Enhancers

Interruption Mitigators

Ergonomics Enhancers

Users who spend longer work hours need a safe and comfortable workspace to ensure unhindered productivity. They need solutions that can not only reduce physical stress, but also help improve execution speed and minimize human errors.


Lenovo Vantage Eye Care Mode filters out blue light by adjusting the color temperature of the display, reducing the harmful effects of overexposure to blue light.


TÜV Eye Comfort certified ThinkVision monitors reduce strain on the eyes for employees to work comfortably.


With functionalities such as lift, tilt, pivot, and swivel, the full-function monitor stand allows employees to work comfortably as well as collaborate effortlessly by adjusting the monitor for easy viewing from all angles.


The adjustable Dual Platform Notebook and Monitor Stand allows clutter-free placing of displays and notebooks while also allowing users to raise the monitors to an ergonomic viewing height.


ThinkPad Keyboards with ergonomic features make typing comfortable and effortless, as the well-spaced, concave keys reduce the stress on wrists and hands.


Lenovo offers a range of durable and lightweight backpacks that allow employees to carry their devices and peripherals effortlessly while on the go.


Productivity Enhancers

To ensure optimum productivity at all times, users need productivity enhancing solutions that facilitate a superior computing experience with responsive systems that allow users to execute tasks with better efficiency.


Intel® OptaneTM technology accelerates system performance and retains HDD capacity at SSD speeds to ensure faster completion of tasks.


Intel® Turbo Boost enables the cores to run faster than their rated frequency, maximizing processing power when the workload demands additional performance. When users require an additional boost while performing processor-intensive tasks, this technology accelerates the PC’s processor and graphics.


USB docks such as ThunderboltTM, USB-C, and USB 3.0 docks deliver definitive 4K video performance with blazing-fast data transfer. These USB docks facilitate device expansion and multitasking with versatile and faster connectivity to peripherals.


Daisy Chaining allows connection to as many as four monitors using just one display cable from the host PC or notebook. Combined with borderless monitors, users can enjoy an immersive multi-screen usage for better content creation or data analysis.


Lenovo’s digital pens offer precision and control similar to the traditional paper and pen, bringing more efficiency and richness to content creation for better results. Lenovo’s digital pens provide a rich experience on touch-enabled PCs with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.


Lenovo’s borderless monitors offer extra screen space for a distraction-free visual experience. Users can enjoy an immersive multi-screen usage for intensive tasks, making these monitors ideal for creative professionals and financial analysts.

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Interruption Mitigators

Disruptions and interruptions during work lead to downtime, causing loss of focus and productivity. Users must be equipped with intelligent solutions that ensure maximum uptime and increased efficiency at all times.


When integrated with Google calendar or Office 365, Lenovo Vantage Assist turns on the battery optimizer that analyzes users' meeting schedules and sends users a reminder to carry an AC charger to long meetings.


Lenovo’s Online Data Backup offers an automatic and encryption-based online backup and recovery solution, safeguarding business data from unexpected risks like accidental deletions, OS and application errors, and hard drive failures. Relative to tape-based approaches, OLDB is more efficient, less intensive for the user, and not as prone to human error.


With Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), IT teams can resolve interruptions like the recovery of a virus-infected system without a deskside visit and remote application of patches outside work hours without affecting the productivity of the employees.


Focus Assist helps avoid distractions by easily blocking notifications, sounds, and alerts during work times. For instance, it limits or completely stops notifications to avoid interruptions during a presentation or when your employees need to stay more focused and productive.

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Enable Better Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the lifeline of a productive workplace. With employees working from diverse locations, clients scattered globally across time zones, technology plays a crucial role in creating a seamless environment overcoming the geographical boundaries.

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Smart Meeting Solutions


Collaborative Workspaces

Conferencing with Modern PCs

Smart Meeting Solutions

Today’s workplaces thrive on collaboration. Employees need tools that can enable seamless collaboration across different time zones and geographical locations by providing instantaneous starts and better participation in meetings.

ThinkSmart Hub 500

ThinkSmart Hub 500

  • All-in-one, PC-grade, Skype Room Systems device.

  • Pre-connected audio and video eliminate start-of-the-meeting delays.

  • With a rotatable 360o display, users within an arm's reach can take control immediately.

  • The Hub 500 comes integrated with Windows 10 Pro IoT Enterprise for intelligent enterprise-grade protection.

ThinkSmart Hub 700

ThinkSmart Hub 700

  • Multiple users can share content at the same time, either wirelessly or through HDMI ports.

  • Collaboration Mode allows users to connect multiple devices and view them simultaneously or one by one.

  • With six 360° proximity sensors, this device detects users within three meters of the hub.

  • The democratized interface controls enable users to take control of the meeting easily, proving ideal for huddle rooms.

  • The ThinkSmart console and integrated SaaS* offer advanced features such as room health reporting and telemetry on the ThinkSmart Hub 700.

    *subscription needed. Subscription expires after a year.

ThinkCentre Tiny with Intel Unite

ThinkCentre Tiny with Intel® Unite®

  • Facilitates quick wireless connections to the big screen from devices, using ThinkCentre M920 Tiny.

  • Productivity is enhanced as up to four presenters can share screens simultaneously.

  • Enables side-by-side comparison of data from separate reports or documents.

  • Participants can annotate on the screen in real time.

  • Sign-in easily with a PIN code, which is unique for every meeting.

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Collaborative Workspaces

As employees work from multiple locations, businesses must ensure that they have the right solutions to enable users to effortlessly collaborate, share files, and access data easily from anywhere, any time, and on any device.


Intel® Unite®

  • Users can experience smart and secure conferencing on ThinkCentre M920 Tiny.

  • Allows users to share files with attendees quickly, without having to email and wait for them to download the file.

  • Simple sign-in enables quick start and access to meetings.

  • Enables switching presenters with just a click to collaborate effectively, without having to pass cables.

  • The extended mode on Intel® Unite® allows users to share their screen and multitask at the same time.

Office 365

Office 365

  • Office 365 enables multi-party HD video and content sharing.

  • Enables users to enjoy live data monitoring and in-depth analysis.

  • Get a complete view of interactions with each customer, tasks, and deals in progress with Outlook Customer Manager.

  • Cloud-based subscription service drives secure collaboration from anywhere, on any device.

  • Office 365 lets users create, edit, and share from their PC/Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows device with anyone in real-time.


Lenovo Unified Workspace

  • Securely delivers the right apps and content to the right users anytime, anywhere, and on any device for optimum productivity.

  • Single sign-on access from anywhere for maximum employee engagement.

  • Integrated Cloud storage and file services across personal or business devices.

  • Available on-premises with the existing infrastructure or as a hosted solution managed by Lenovo.


Conferencing with Modern PCs

As employees connect and collaborate from different locations, businesses must equip them with modern tools for unhindered productivity while maintaining security.


ThinkPads and V Series laptops feature a 720p webcam that can deliver videos with high contrast, low color noise, and fine sharpness. It also enables effective video conferencing, even in a low-light environment.


The ThinkShutter sliding camera cover for the front-facing camera ensures stress-free privacy. With this feature, users can easily say goodbye to sticky notes and tapes.


Whether making VoIP calls on the road or in a cafeteria, dual array microphone reduces ambient noise, enabling clear and powerful audio.


Many Lenovo devices come with a rotatable webcam that enables users to adjust their camera easily for rear or frontal usage.


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