prevent data breaches and identity theft
Prevent Data Breaches & Identity Theft With Thinkshield
ThinkShield by Lenovo is the most comprehensive suite of end-to-end security offerings for business on the market today.
Ever heard of supply chain hacking?
Hackers can strike your device before you even open the box.
Security Padlock
ThinkShield: Wifi Security With Bufferzone, Coronet, & MobileIron Security
Go Ahead. Go online. Your hacker is waiting. Shield your company.
data cyber security platform
Large Enterprise Cyber & Data Security Platform: Thinkshield
In most companies today, "secure data" is an oxymoron. You're being attacked from every angle. Shield your company.
Business Laptop Security Solutions Straight Off the Shelf
Protect your Network, Devices, and Data from Cyber Threats. In a data-driven mobile world, there are serious security threats everywhere.
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Whitepaper: Global Security Compliance and Its Technological Implications
This paper will help you understand how Lenovo’s 360 security strategy can assist you to align with global governance regulations by adopting a holistic approach to security leveraging Lenovo's security philosophy.
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Whitepaper: Business Implications of GDPR and the Role of Technology
So, what is GDPR? Why is it so important? What role will technology play in ensuring compliance for your business? These are some of the questions we seek to answer through this whitepaper.
Asset Cut Costs and Speed Responses with SAP and Lenovo 1
SAP IT Operations Analytics and Lenovo XClarity Administrator
Resolve Systems And SAP Applications Issues In Real-Time. A FREE solutions guide for proactive management of your Lenovo data center and SAP applications landscape.
Asset Drive to a Successful Windows 10 Migration 1
Windows 10 Migration for Enterprise: Making it a Successful One
Transitioning an enterprise organization to a new operating system is not easy. But, with the right planning and the right partner it can be painless.
Win10 Comparison Sheet
Hello Security Features: Windows 7 vs Windows 10
Windows 7 has been the most successful and ubiquitous operating system in Microsoft history.
Asset Freudenberg IT Meets Hosting Needs 1
A Customer Success Story: SAP HANA
How can you accelerate SAP HANA with Lenovo? In this article from insiderPROFILES, you’ll learn why major IT companies choose Lenovo’s SAP HANA Appliance to accelerate and scale their SAP HANA® deployments.
Pardon the Disruption
Business Innovation Through Disruption: User Managed Access (UMA)
Eve Maler is perhaps best known as the co-creator of XML. Currently, she is vice president of Innovation & Emerging Technology in ForgeRock’s Office of the CTO, driving privacy and consent innovation for the ForgeRock Identity Platform.