Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud
Benefit from the best of both worlds: dynamic data storage that combines private and public resources for superior security and scalability.

Marry the best traits of on-premises and cloud datacenters

A key component of Lenovo’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model, TruScale Hybrid Cloud combines an on-premises infrastructure (or private cloud) with a public cloud, for scalability and growth.

This allows data and apps to move securely between the two environments, while being centrally managed. It also means you can level up while using on-premises infrastructure, keeping costs low and efficiency high.

Hybrid Cloud aaS – the best of both worlds

Research suggests that 85% of organizations see the cloud as integral to their future.1

But what if you have sensitive workloads or budget concerns that delay the transition?

TruScale for Hybrid Cloud solutions, delivered as a service combine the best features of cloud and on-premises datacenters without their drawbacks.

So you can drive digital innovation with the solution that gives you optimal control over your workloads, and evolves as your requirements change.

hybrid cloud

Empowering a smarter hybrid cloud with agile and cost-effective edge solutions

Accelerate innovation and deliver edge transformation faster with Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud for Edge. With smaller footprint capabilities, built-in managed services and pay for what you use consumption model, deploy edge solutions without straining valuable IT resources. By leveraging infrastructure service professionals, get the benefits of edge solutions that are ready for today and tomorrow.


Choose TruScale for Hybrid Cloud, when you want:



Scale up and down as your needs change to enable agile responses to new opportunities.



Find the right home for sensitive workloads on-premise or in the cloud with easy data segmentation and isolation.



Eliminate the risk of over-provisioning and hidden ingress/egress fees with a true pay-as-you-go consumption model.

TruScale Infrastructure Solutions

Match your specific business needs


Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with VMware

A future-ready hybrid cloud solution with the flexibility of a scalable pay-as-you-go model.

  • Scale out on-premises or public cloud
  • Operational simplicity with virtual machine lift and shift support through standardized VMware architecture
  • Managed services for virtualization and infrastructure support from a single vendor for a seamless customer experience
  • A fully integrated approach providing cost-efficient business agility

Lenovo TruScale Multi-cloud with Deloitte

A simple and direct path to modern apps and multi-cloud environments in one complete, automated platform.

  • Architecture compatible with most cloud service provider technologies and on-premises legacy environments
  • Business agility and budgetary control – keep pace with evolving technology without upfront capital investment
  • Efficiently run mission-critical operations – apps and data-intensive workloads sensitive to regulations, security, compliance and service performance levels
  • Reduce risk of unpredictable load requirements without overprovisioning infrastructure – scale on demand, paying only for usage

Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft

A familiar Hyper-V standardized architecture and managed services for virtualization and infrastructure that deliver a seamless customer experience.

  • Scale out on-premises or in public cloud, balancing the deployment mix
  • Familiar Hyper-V standardized architecture supporting legacy environments – leverage existing virtualization and storage skills
  • Managed services for virtualization and infrastructure management enable a seamless user experience
  • Fully integrated approach, for lower costs and greater efficiency

Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud for RISE with SAP

An on-premises version of SAP’s public cloud service offers greater flexibility, transparency, agility and reduced financial risk to accelerate digital transformation.

  • OPEX model – Private Edition delivers a subscription-based, agile, elastic and consistent cloud experience
  • Assured security and compliance – business-critical data remains on site, behind company firewalls, enabling compliance
  • Better performance – hosting SAP HANA and associated applications together in the same data center provides better performance outcomes

Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with Nutanix

A hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) solution, with hybrid cloud management capabilities.

  • Unify your hybrid workloads on a single platform
  • Refresh your datacenter or digitize your environment
  • Modernize and align to one of the best virtualization stacks
  • Benefit from industry-leading toolsets for hybrid cloud
  • Reduce your CapEx spend and move towards OpEx
Red Hat

Lenovo TruScale Hybrid Cloud with Red Hat

  • Futureproofed Infrastructure to scale out on-premises or in public cloud
  • Operational simplicity with virtual machine life-and-shift support through standardized VMware architecture
  • Seamless user experiences with managed services and infrastructure support from a single vendor
  • Fully integrated approach for a cost-efficient route to business agility


Cloud computing continues to gain momentum as businesses of all sizes recognize the scalability, performance, and cost efficiency benefits it can deliver.

With 85 percent of organizations saying they plan to embrace a cloud-based principle by 20252, what questions are being asked by those bracing for change?

How widely adopted is Hybrid Cloud in the industry, and why choose it over competing technologies?

The consensus is strong that Hybrid Cloud is the gold standard of computing. A recent survey of 7,200 C-Suite executives across 28 industries and 47 countries showed that Hybrid addresses many customer concerns around vendor lock-in, security, compliance, and interoperability.

How does Hybrid Cloud compare to on-premises or cloud-based datacenters in terms of cost?

Cost savings are a significant driver of Hybrid Cloud adoption. Recent research suggests that a consistent Hybrid Cloud platform can achieve savings of up to 47 percent over five years compared with a native public cloud when evaluated for typical applications deployed by enterprises on cloud infrastructure today.

How does Hybrid Cloud compare to on-premises or cloud-based datacenters in terms of security?

Data security has become a mission-critical concern for enterprises conducting business online. Fortunately, a Hybrid Cloud uses on-premises hardware for the storage, processing and analysis of sensitive data, but allows not-so-sensitive data to move back and forth across the cloud. This multi-layered approach better supports data back-up and the prevention of disaster scenarios.

Are Hybrid Clouds more difficult to manage than on-premises or cloud-based datacenters?

Hybrid Cloud implementations are not more complex to operate than a public cloud or on-premises datacenter. On the contrary, a Hybrid Cloud gives businesses better control over data – allowing for the creation, shifting and scaling of workloads and resources to suit your business’s specific needs.

Is migrating an existing datacenter to a Hybrid Cloud implementation difficult?

No. Thanks to the development of the IaaS delivery model, implementing a Hybrid Cloud datacenter has never been easier. IaaS lets technology providers work closely with enterprises to customize solutions for global or regional implementation.

Why Lenovo?

Lenovo is a worldwide technology leader, with an unmatched pocket-to-cloud portfolio.

  • Fully customizable solutions, tailored to requirements
  • Lenovo TruScale team acts as an extension to your IT team, providing a dedicated, single point of contact every step of the way
  • ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile and DM Storage are included
  • Fixed or metered HW with close-to-the-box services and managed services

TruScale Hybrid Cloud is one part of our wider IaaS solutions suite. Whatever the needs of your business, we have you covered.


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