Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage
Storage that grows as fast as your data.

Accelerate innovation, simplify operations, increase agility

TruScale Infinite Storage is a pay-as-you-go solution deployed at your datacenter or co-location facility, with inbuilt technology refresh, and lifecycle management by Lenovo experts. It incorporates perpetual as-you-grow expansion for performance and/or capacity, with no pre-set limits.

Local cloud infrastructure ensures your sensitive data is protected and kept sovereign by maintaining continuous compliance with local and international laws.

TruScale Infinite Storage features non-disruptive expansion and refresh, so your teams can focus on innovation. And it eliminates additional capital investment on unnecessary over-provisioning.

Get started fast

No IT capital expenditures, no lead times – you control your data, Lenovo manages the underlying infrastructure.

True consumption billing model

Only pay for what you use.

Automatic Cloud Tiering

Manage and control your data efficiently and securely.

Flexible commitment

No need to increase your minimum commitment as usage increases.

Seamless, instant scalability

Operate flexibly, with right-sized environments and additional pre-deployed capacity.

Only pay for what you use

It’s a simple proposition. Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage means:


Efficient, secure management and control of data


Getting started fast, by shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model


Paying for consumption, rather than costly over-provisioning


Scaling up and down effortlessly with no need to increase minimum commitment as usage increases


Adding operational flexibility with right- sized environments and additional pre-deployed capacity

That’s because TruScale Infinite Storage is an on-premises, as-a-Service solution, with built-in technology refresh and lifecycle management by Lenovo experts.

It ensures perpetual as-you-grow expansion for performance and/or capacity, with no pre-set limits. And non-disruptive expansion and refresh eliminate the need for additional capital investment and costly forklift upgrades.



Storage needs are changing fast. Increasing volume of data, refreshing legacy environments, maintaining cloud and data sovereignty and being regulatory compliant, are growing business challenges. Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage is the solution.

Is TruScale Infinite Storage a managed solution?

Yes. From installation to operation, including proactive health checks of the infrastructure, so that you can focus your business resources on higher ROI initiatives.

Does TruScale Infinite Storage support legacy systems?

Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series Storage Systems have built-in software compatible with legacy cloud and public cloud environments, simplifying workload management.

What are TruScale Infinite Storage AIOps?

A cloud-based management platform to simplify and automate your ThinkSystem Storage environment for reduced risks and higher availability.

Our business needs change quickly. How can I be sure my system is right-sized for any workload?

Our expert team of storage consultants will work with you to evaluate your business needs and architect a solution that meets your demands from Day 1.

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With a wide spectrum of features and capabilities - Lenovo TruScale Infinite Storage enables you to plan, procure and run your entire infrastructure simply, securely and with absolute control.

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