Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam
Agile, scalable data protection to fit the heaviest of workloads.

Critical peace of mind

By coordinating the backup and recovery process, the burden on IT is relieved. Orchestrated backup and recovery efficiently secures critical data, ensuring the safety in the event of a security breach.


Meeting the crucial challenge of
data protection

Data protection has never been more important, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to
achieve protection that meets the needs of modern, virtualized environments.

Many organizations are faced with siloed legacy systems, high IT costs from non-automated
solutions, trapped, fragmented data, and inflexibility across platforms.

But there is a solution that offers seamless protection for your organization, your data and your
brand. Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam enables you to:


Reduce recovery


Enjoy a cloud-like
experience – on-


Simplify IT


Maintain data

Our solution manages the backup and recovery process, secures critical data, and safely restores data in
the event of a cyberattack. It provides reliable protection against a growing range of threats.


Ransomware attacks are on the up. Failing to maintain a secure data backup can lead to
serious losses. With Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam, you can address your data
protection challenges - and keep your data safe from the next threat.

What is Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam?

A data backup and recovery solution that protects all workloads – on-premises, in a hybrid environment, or in the public cloud. Available as a subscription, it efficiently secures backups of critical data, and allows for a safe restore of data in the event of a security breach or cyberattack.

What does the solution include?

The solution is installed, configured and deployed on-premises at the customer Data Center or Co-Location facility, and it is a customer dedicated infrastructure appliance. It includes Lenovo ThinkSystem industry-leading storage, server, and hyperconverged infrastructure and the use of Veeam’s Backup and Replication software.

How do I know if the Lenovo and Veeam solution is compatible with my data source?

The solution is compatible with any data source. This dramatically simplifies backup for organizations using infrastructure from multiple vendors or a mix of legacy solutions.

How do you ensure data sovereignty?

Compared to many cloud-based solutions, TruScale Backup with Veeam can offer a completely different level of data sovereignty. Lenovo and Veeam’s operating agreement doesn’t grant third parties access to the data in any circumstances. This ensures that no one has permission to audit your data with or without your knowledge.

What is the billing structure of Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam?

The solution is priced per terabyte, and includes everything from the Lenovo infrastructure to the use of Veeam software and the unlimited backup copies of the data. It offers optimal flexibility, enabling you to back up data from any source.

Can Lenovo TruScale Backup with Veeam help me improve the return on my IT investment?

The solution can enable efficient workload consolidation, consistent and reliable access to business-critical data, and better control over your evolving backup requirements to help you optimize your resources. IDC research shows that Lenovo and Veeam users enjoy 250% increased IT ROI, and can restore their VMs 7.7 times faster compared to other solutions.

How many backup copies can I make?

You can create copies of the backed up data at no additional cost to meet any RPOs regarding secondary, tertiary or scale-out repositories. This helps you meet the 3-2-1 rule for best practice regarding data storage – a minimum of three copies of the data in two different platforms in addition to one copy in offsite location. It speeds disaster recovery, ensuring you are fully protected with multiple copies.

How do I stay up to date on the status of my backed up data sources?

You can monitor your backups in real time through Veeam’s Self-Service Backup portal. This makes it easy to gain useful insight over the management of your data and optimize control, including VM and file restore.

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