Creating a seamless, modern store experience
Lenovo’s Self Service Kiosk retail solution is as popular with shoppers as it is with store employees.

User Scenarios

Food & Beverage

A furniture mega-store with a popular quick-service cafeteria needed a way to reduce queue  times so customers could get in and out faster. They solved their challenge by installing  Lenovo Self Service Kiosks that took up very little space–important in the busy environment–and had large HD touchscreens ideal for displaying lucrative cross-sell offers.

Convenience Store

A 24-hour convenience store was short on workers willing to take overnight shifts. They needed a way to keep late-night customers happy while reducing their overhead. The solution? A Lenovo Self Service Kiosk with a 24-inch full HD touchscreen, scanner and built-in receipt printer.

Supermarket Chain

A supermarket chain wanted to expand self-checkout options to meet customer demands and reduce wait times, particularly during all-important peak shopping hours. They opted for a Lenovo Self Service Kiosk solution, taking full advantage of 24-inch full HD touchscreens to display more product and promotion info than ever before.

Key Features

Space Efficient
  • Stylish, space efficient, lightweight and mobile
  • Roughly half the thickness of our competitors’ kiosks 

  • Fits easily in small spaces

Easy Deployment
  • Store employees can go from unboxing the kiosk to scanning items on it in 5 minutes
  • Installs easily anywhere you like: wall mounted, tabletop or stand type

User Friendly
  • Easy to see and use
  • Our 24-inch full HD touchscreen is slightly bigger than that of our competitors

  • Key specs: 1920 x 1080 resolution, 10-point multi-touch, 58/80mm receipt printer

As a Service
  • End to End Service
  • Three-year warranty

  • White-glove service from deployment to management

  • As a service payment model: no upfront cost, pay as you go, predictable monthly rate for all the hardware, software and services you need

What sets our Self Service Kiosk retail solution apart?

Our self-service kiosk solution is a perfect blend of what your store needs and what shoppers want. The space-efficient and versatile kiosks fit wherever your store needs while providing an intuitive big-screen shopping experience for your customers.

Ideal for retail settings such as grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores as well as food courts and fast food locations. Possible applications for hotel and hospital check-out. Made even better by our flexible financing and white-glove service suite.


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