The rise of the resilient CIO
Facing economic headwinds and cost cutting, CIOs are prioritizing innovation. Gain critical insights into their priorities and challenges.

The power of tech to deliver value for organizations

Today’s CIO stands at the intersection of business and technology, and is in charge of unleashing the power of technology to drive business strategy.

However, they are beset on all sides by challenges, like budget limitations. We break down what CIOs globally are prioritizing and investing in, their most urgent concerns, and the exacting demands they are placing on their IT partners.


Although innovation must go on, the landscape is
fraught with challenges…

of CIOs are worried that they will not have sufficient resources to invest effectively in innovation.

of CIOs do not feel their organization is sufficiently resilient.

and they are grappling with a host of internal challenges related to…


Data privacy/security




Securing budgets for IT investments


Managing increasingly fragmented IT vendor ecosystems


Ability to grow, scale and flex


Cloud transformation


Adopting and deploying new tech


Managing remote workforce

Despite these challenges, CIOs are determined to
push on with innovation.

of CIOs are likely to invest in newer technologies, versus 28% who will focus on getting the most out of their current tech stack.

of CIOs feel “urgent pressure” to address AI/ML as a priority.


CIOs recognize that deploying Solutions as a Service is crucial

As a Services (aaS) simplifies everything, enabling CIOs to focus on innovation and respond to their organizations’ changing needs.

of CIOs will consider adding new aaS offerings over the next 2 years due to changing business models.

More than 7 out of 10 CIOs are currently leveraging up to 50% of aaS solutions within their tech stack.


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