[NAM] K-12 VR Classroom

Smarter sparks wonder

With a VR experience, students are all in, engaged in learning beyond the classroom, and better able to understand concepts and retain knowledge.


Lenovo VR Classroom 2

Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is transforming immersive education by making it easier than ever to get started and keep your students in sync.

Lenovo empowers educators and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons and field trips into their curriculum, leading to inspiration and meaningful learning outcomes. The new VR Classroom 2 is a complete solution for teaching with VR, providing a seamless combination of hardware, content, device management, training, and support designed specifically for education.

A complete solution

By combining innovative hardware, cutting-edge software, and awe-inspiring content, VR Classroom 2 equips educators with all the tools needed for truly immersive learning. Additionally, online or onsite training and responsive support enable educators to deliver VR lessons with confidence.

Simple by design

Even without prior VR experience, educators can successfully engage students with VR Classroom 2 right out of the box. Device management is stress-free with Lenovo’s ThinkReality platform and LanSchool Air software. Educators can remotely manage and control all classroom devices from a single source.

Flexible components

Now every classroom can tailor the VR Classroom 2 solution to meet its specific needs—knowing with certainty that the components will work together for successful immersive discovery. Educators get just the devices they need and all the academic content they want, opening the doors to boundless creativity.

Smarter immerses students in learning

The VR Classroom 2 solution comes with device and content management, as well as diverse curriculum-mapped experiences, including STEM, virtual tours, and career exploration.

Online and onsite training, plus all-in-one support, take this VR education solution to the top of the class. Optional hardware, accessories, and professional development are also available.

Lenovo is the world's #1 provider of educational technology


Headset hardware

Lenovo Mirage VR S3

  • All-in-one
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless controller
  • Ages 13+
  • Can be worn over glasses
  • Sanitizable components

Cart and case

Bretford & Skb

Various size options available

Mobile device management

Lenovo Thinkreality & Lanschool Air

IT admin and educator MDM platforms

Higher Education VR Classroom brochure

K-12 VR Classroom brochure


Tech Specs


4200 mAh+

Operating System





USB-C Charging


Qualcomm 835 SOC


1920x2160 (per eye)


Yes, integrated



Refresh Rate


Field of View




SD Card

Yes, up to 256GB

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