Smarter rethinks collaboration

Collaboration starts with Google Meet

Purpose-built technology for Google’s leading communication platform.

Global organizations rely on Google Workspace and Google Meet to keep their employees communicating and collaborating effectively. Lenovo and Google offer a range of turnkey solutions that makes deploying hybrid workspaces fast, easy, and cost-efficient.


Google Meet Series One Room Kits from Lenovo

Best-in-class technology to outfit any space. Transform small, medium and large rooms with our range of turnkey solutions, specially designed to enhance collaboration using the Google Meet platform. Enterprise-grade components make these kits the first of their kind to carry the Series One designation.

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Making sure that teams can stay connected in a hybrid working environment is vital for success in the modern workplace. Find out more about how our Smart Collaboration portfolio can enhance your productivity and workflow efficiency.


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Find out how Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions with Google Meet can break down communication barriers between workers, no matter where work is getting done.