Industry Specific Solutions

Solutions designed for the way you do business

Solve challenges specific to your industry, quickly and affordably.

Insight into the way you work

Every industry has its own challenges, processes, and goals. Lenovo works with experts across over thirteen sectors to identify and develop exciting new industry-specific solutions.


The right fit, right away.

Solve challenges specific to your industry with innovative, affordable solutions that can be implemented right away. They’re easy to buy and easy to own, just like a new PC.

Creating smarter, safer spaces for work

Offering more flexible workspaces is vital for attracting and retaining top talent in the modern workforce, and it helps to unlock new levels of collaboration and productivity. See what smarter tech solutions can do for you.


Workplace Solutions

‘Business-as-usual’ is a thing of the past. Workplaces have to become smarter to attract (and retain) talent, and encourage creativity and collaboration.

Find out how Lenovo technologies and services enable a smarter, safer workplace.

Get there with TruScale

For minimum up-front cost and complete scalability, these solutions are also available as-a-service, with Lenovo TruScale.

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