Empowering success in the hybrid era
Exceed your employee expectations and business goals sooner with Lenovo Accessories.

Powering new possibilities

In an ever-changing world, enhancing workspace flexibility and employee well-being can boost team productivity and collaboration. And for hybrid work to truly work, technology is key.

Meet Lenovo Accessories. An extensive range of computing devices that seamlessly integrate into any digital workspace. These workplace essentials help to enrich work experience, eliminate limitations, and unlock true potential.



of organizations see offering remote and hybrid work as ways to boost talent availability in the next five years.1


of employees say the flexibility of working from home has increased their job satisfaction.2


of IT leaders are investing in tools to enhance the work-from-anywhere experience.2

Inspiring peak performance - everywhere

A US study3 found that employees spend almost three hours a week resolving tech issues. That’s more than 140 hours of lost productivity, equivalent to 3.5 weeks a year. With the quality, reliability, and security of Lenovo Accessories, your team can maintain peak productivity from anywhere, anytime.



Our accessories undergo thorough research and testing to ensure durability, quality, and a great user experience. Tests include:

  • Cases and Bags - assessing zipper operability, water repellency, and the strength of pockets, straps, and handles.
  • Docking Stations - over 7,000 cable bends, 48-hour extreme temperature trials, and hundreds of hot ejects.
  • Audio - testing for enhanced voice quality, noise cancellation, and compatibility with popular U/C platforms.
  • Video - ensuring professional-grade image quality in various lighting conditions, alongside advanced focus and exposure control features.


Our accessories are designed to enhance productivity in all workspaces. When designing them, we consider various factors, including:

  • Keyboards - responsive keys for a premium typing experience, as well as Bluetooth, USB-A and USB-C connectivity options.
  • Mice - wireless and ergonomic designs, multi-surface support and connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB-A and USB-C.
  • Power - USB-C connectivity, rapid-charge technology and voltage options, capable of powering everything from thin and light laptops to performance laptops.


Our accessories are designed with security in mind. To help safeguard sensitive information and devices, we offer:

  • Privacy Filters - proprietary technology guarantees a clear screen for users while concealing its content from onlookers. A 30-degree viewing angle also helps to prevent potential data breaches.
  • Cable Locks - crafted from durable materials such as carbon steel, these locks provide the flexibility to securely anchor devices to desks, tables, or other fixed points.

Get more done wherever work happens

Lenovo ThinkPad docking solutions can help employees be more connected, secure, and productive—regardless of their location. What’s more, everyone can benefit from streamlined firmware updates, automated management, and enhanced efficiency.


Streamlined updates

Our smart docking solutions, powered by Microsoft Azure Sphere, help streamline firmware updates and maintenance. They facilitate cloud-based updates across all docks, ensuring fleet visibility, heightened security, and thorough inventory reporting, regardless of employee or device location.


Automated management

Our universal docks support Lenovo Dock Manager, an innovative solution that saves IT teams time through automated dock firmware updates – with minimal disruption to end-users. IT can also query dock-related information remotely, without the need for on-site visits.


Enhanced efficiency

Our smart and universal docks help IT teams be more productive and efficient with essential features, such as PXE boot for system deployments or updates, WOL for remote access, and MAC address pass-through to support smarter network management.

Smarter accessories for a more sustainable future

Through innovation and focused efforts in product design, packaging, and sourcing, Lenovo Accessories are contributing to a more sustainable future.


We design accessories using sustainable materials, helping reduce unnecessary IT waste, while working to quantify the carbon footprint of our products.


More than 80% of our core commercial accessories are now packaged using corrugated cardboard, reducing the need for plastic film coating.


Before selecting or working with partner vendors, we establish stringent criteria, including science-based targets, water reduction goals, and the use of renewable energy sources.

Your one-stop solution

Compatible with most operating systems and devices, Lenovo Accessories seamlessly integrate into every modern workspace. From smart docks and noise-cancelling headphones to ergonomic keyboards and laptop chargers, our computer accessories ensure optimal performance anywhere.

Our third-party option portfolio (3PO) incorporates trusted brands and essential tools for modern work, from charging carts and printers to interactive whiteboards and ergonomic office chairs.

Purchase a compatible ecosystem of PC hardware and accessories, tailored to meet your users’ needs and preferences, all from one vendor, hassle-free.


The right tools, anywhere.

Whether in the office, on the go, or at home, you’ll find accessories for every need and every device, driving productivity and boosting employee experience.

Ready to explore new possibilities?

Discover how Lenovo Accessories can empower your employees to work seamlessly from anywhere.

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2 Lenovo report, Human-centered Insights to Fuel IT’s Vision, December 2022

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