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Now the workplace extends beyond the confines of the office, businesses must find smarter ways to enable remote work productivity – but mobile devices are not the only requirement for an effective, empowered workforce. Many skilled workers rely on powerful, ergonomically designed desktop PCs for enhanced comfort, high-end graphics processing, and other complex tasks. More than ever, organizations need smarter technology to navigate the challenges of modern business.
How can we give workers a competitive edge, boosting their productivity while enabling more sustainable business operations?
How can we maximize processing power while minimizing footprint and energy consumption for small or home office environments?
How can we provide reliable, future-ready infrastructure with improved manageability and robust security?
Our range of ThinkCentre desktop PCs provides smart and reliable technology, engineered to meet the needs of the modern working environment. Lenovo helps to boost productivity and improve your employee experience – using sustainable manufacturing, low-energy consumption and end-to-end business solutions.
ThinkCentre desktops designed for power users
Desktop computers provide more stability, performance, expandability and screen real estate than even the best laptops. Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops are built to enhance the experience even further.
Ergonomic computing experience
Eye-level display and full-sized keyboard designed for comfort, which can improve focus and lower the risk of physical ailments.
Larger, higher quality display to see more detail. Faster, more responsive and accurate input with keyboard and mouse.
Faster and more responsive processing speed tackles complex jobs and delivers results more quickly.
Incredible performance, trusted reliability
Designed to suit every budget and requirement, with a range of form factors to fit your needs. ThinkCentre covers every segment, from super compact space savers to powerful towers and award-winning all-in-ones.
Power and performance
Customers in every sector depend on ThinkCentre to meet their needs for high performance. From concept to completion, our smarter technology helps them finish tasks quicker, without compromising on quality.
All ThinkCentre desktops are protected by Lenovo ThinkShield – a comprehensive security solution comprised of hardware, software and services that streamlines IT admin and improves the user experience.
Design and build
Lenovo offers a trusted, stable platform for completing straightforward, everyday tasks or solving complex processing requirements, all while respecting the needs of people and the environment.
ThinkCentre desktop machines are compliant to Energy Star 8.0, EPEAT Silver System, TUV Low Noise Certificate, EPR LOT3 eco design, and TCO 8.0 sustainability.
Lenovo recognizes that your business needs will change over time. Easily add or upgrade memory, hard drive, SSD or graphic cards to cope with new tasks and increasing workloads.
ThinkCentre desktops are competitively priced and deliver low total cost of ownership, thanks to quality build and easy repairs.
The innovation of ThinkCentre M Series
Extremely powerful and easy to manage, the ThinkCentre M Series provides innovative form-factors, such as ThinkCentre Nano, Tower, Small Form Factor, Tiny (and Tiny in One), All in One, and Thin Client.
With the M Series, you can be sure you have the power and performance to cover every workload. These desktops are incredibly responsive, with rapid processing speed, smooth switching between multiple programs and impressive storage capabilities.
M Nano Series
Our innovative technology has contained giant processing power in an extremely compact form-factor. With a volume of only 0.35L, the ThinkCentre M90n Nano desktop is smaller than most paperback books, meaning it can be stored discreetly on – or under – desktop workspaces. These tough PCs are durable, secure and easy-to-connect, also making them ideal for use outside of office spaces.
Tackle heavy workloads
Powered by Intel® Core™ vPro™ processing and DDR4 memory, this small PC is full of power but uses 15% less energy than a full-size.
Easy connectivity
A modular design means this small PC can be easily plugged in to a variety of configurations, mounts or docking stations, connecting simply with a USB-C cable.
Tough, durable build
Able to meet military-specification requirements and other stringent quality checks, it can withstand the harshest working conditions.
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M Series Tower
Enterprise-grade desktop PCs built with industry-leading technology, driven by our ethos of smarter innovation. These machines are reliable, manageable and highly functional.
Get more information for M Series Tower >
M Series SFF
These Small Form Factor machines offer powerful, enterprise-level performance to enable maximum productivity and impressive graphics output – in a smaller, compact package.
Get more information for M Series SFF >
M Series Tiny and Tiny in One
Small enough to fit almost anywhere, these tiny desktops give you enough power to handle demanding jobs – from multitasking and multimedia to graphic design and complex data modelling. The Tiny in One form-factor is the first monitor in the industry designed specifically to stow a Tiny 1L PC, which can be integrated for maximum convenience.
Get more information for M Series Tiny >
M Series All-in-Ones
Space-saving solutions for busy workspaces, these all-in-one machines have a minimal footprint, sleek design and all the computing power customers expect from a ThinkCentre desktop.
Get more information for M Series All-in-Ones >
M Series Thin Clients
Reliable and secure, these thin clients deliver the network flexibility of a client computer running from your server, but with native PC capability and power.
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Building on more than 25 years of expertise
Relentless innovation
Lenovo is committed to constantly improving our technology, ensuring we provide industry-leading solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern business.
Our latest generation of ThinkCentre products include smart innovations such as Smart Power on and Modern Standby, delivering an always-on, connected experience.
And, we were the first to provide a Tiny in One form-factor, which allows businesses to upgrade monitors and PCs separately, saving on budget and offering an even more clutter-free, space-saving design.
Trusted quality
Your business depends on technology. That’s why ThinkCentre systems are engineered for durability – made to perform and built to last.
We’ve tested the durability of ThinkCentre desktops with industry-leading MIL-STD testing, meaning less downtime and improved longevity.
Meanwhile our Low Temperature Solder technology streamlines internal construction, creating more room for other components, so we can boost performance.
Purposeful design
People spend a lot of time working with their ThinkCentre computer, which is why it’s important for them to feel comfortable all day.
ThinkCentre desktops are ergonomically designed for user comfort. We aim to enhance efficiency and satisfaction on every task.
Also, ThinkCentre PCs are built for easy expandability, with tool-less access for improved serviceability, expansion slots and add-ons to offer even more functionality.
Business Efficiency Enhanced…
with End-to-End Services
Resources, budget, and organizational inertia all affect how devices are deployed and used. Lenovo Services can ease onboarding and help you respond to shifting business models. We designed our suite of Services for your unique needs:
Planning Services
Strategy, assessment, and personal consultation. Planning Services will help define the “who, what, where, when, and why” for how your company integrates Lenovo solutions.
Configuration Services
Customized hardware and software setup (BIOS settings, Imaging, device registration, and more).
Deployment Services
Services to get employees productive with Lenovo devices.
Support & Protection Services
Relieving IT teams and keeping devices operating at peak performance. Includes Lenovo ThinkShield for critical device security and protection from cyber-threats.
Managed Services
Onsite help desks, compliance monitoring and management, inventory control, and software solutions.
Asset Recovery Services
Maximizing residual value while ensuring data security and environmental compliance.
Unlock Your Team’s Potential with
Lenovo Premier Support
With Premier Support, your employees (onsite and remote) have direct 24x7x365 access to elite Lenovo engineers for unscripted troubleshooting and comprehensive hardware/software support. So when there’s an issue, your staff gets back to work faster.
Stay on the Leading Edge with
Lenovo Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)
Keep costs predictable with Lenovo DaaS by combining hardware, software, and services into a single monthly fee. This innovative, agile model drives down capital IT expenditures while ensuring your people have the latest technology solutions keeping them secure and productive so you can focus on your core business.
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Lenovo ThinkCentre technology provides a reliable foundation for building your agile, modern business infrastructure. For more information on how our smarter innovation delivers high-performance desktop solutions to enable greater productivity, connectivity and flexibility, wherever your workforce is based, get in touch.
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