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No-one wants to go back to ‘business as usual’

Welcome your employees to a smarter, safer workplace

Lenovo Workplace Solutions help companies reopen with confidence

More than ever, employees expect flexibility and safety in the workplace. They also expect a more personalized experience. To attract and retain talent, unleash creativity and collaboration, workplaces must become smarter. Intelligent building access, simple space-booking and improved communications are convincing steps forward.

Lenovo can help, with technologies and services that meet the needs of your people and of your environment.

What can you achieve with Lenovo?



Forget the problems of managing multiple vendors and point solutions. Lenovo gives you control, from pre-installation site surveys that configure our solutions to your environment, to global support that can scale across locations.

employee engagement

Employee engagement

Your employees want to work in an environment that’s both safe and healthy. Intelligent building access enables a consistent, reliable and secure experience. And space booking helps your employees relax and get more from their workdays.



We provide monitoring, maintenance, and service for our workplace solutions throughout their lifecycles.



Safety and security of all employees is paramount. From smart access to enhanced communications, Lenovo helps you protect your people – and your business.



We work closely with your teams and our partners to roll out practical enterprise-wide solutions, quickly and consistently.

Get Lenovo working for your business

workspace booking

Workspace booking

Optimizes performance by connecting the right employees with the right spaces

  • Schedule any space with a simple Workspace Scheduling Software
  • Every employee, every workspace, controlled through one solution
  • Pre-built Integrations with Outlook, Zoom, Teams, and more

Workplace Analytics

Delivers insights to enable practical space planning and optimize utilization

  • Real-time dashboard for occupancy, utilization, and effective use of space
  • Use sensors rather than cameras or other invasive methods for privacy protection
  • Provide insights and advice for commercial real estate professionals

Visitor Management System

Invite and register visitors to workplace with consistent, reliable and secure experience.

  • Visitors can submit personal information in advance
  • Invitation includes meeting details and other useful information.
  • Integration with enterprises solutions, active directory and security system.

Smart Locker

Smarter, Reliable and Secure Way to manage devices and resources 24x7

  • Single locker with multiple use fuctions
  • Secure portal with real-time data and report
  • Tracibility of devices
  • Modular and customizable hardware
Smart Locker
digital signage

Digital signage

Simplifies content management for employee engagement and communication

  • Intelligent digital signage content management system
  • Turns ordinary displays into powerful communication tools
  • Extends reach and availability of timely, accurate information

Smart Collaboration

All-in-one video conferencing to fully enable flexible, hybrid workforce.

  • Design for industry-leading platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet
  • Transform space of any size into connected, collaborative meeting rooms.

Smart Parking

  • Touchless Vehicle Access Control
  • Intelligent video surveillance and space information system
  • Real-Time dashboard, queries and reports

Solution Management Platform

Manage all of Lenovo’s Workplace solutions from one place with real-time ticketing and worldwide services

  • Ensure efficiency and interoperability, supporting multiple end-to-end solutions and services through one pane of glass
  • Minimize downtime and maximize performance with proactive management
  • Extend control throughout your entire ecosystem, from holistic solutions to the smallest component parts
Solution Management Platform

Industry insights


of knowledge workers prefer a mix of remote & office work, a hybrid approach.

Slack, 9000 global knowledge workers survey, Oct 2020


of knowledge workers miss collaboration and quality of relationships in the office.

Gensler, 2300+ US knowledge workers survey, May 2020


of the US workforce, at best, can work remotely between 3-5 days a week without impacting productivity.

McKinsey, An analysis of 2,000 tasks, 800 jobs, and nine countries, Nov 2020


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