Lenovo education solutions: make equipping your classrooms your #1 priority
Put secure, reliable tech in the hands of your students and teachers – with security as standard.
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors

Lenovo is your long-term partner for complete device, software and service solutions.

Our end-to-end services are designed to enable safe, accessible learning and to spark the imagination. To help maximise each student’s potential, we’re committed to continuous innovation that anticipates and meets tomorrow’s challenges.

How Lenovo powers digital education

Explore Lenovo for schools
Lenovo for schools
Lenovo for schools

Hybrid learning is now the norm. To deliver high-quality education in this environment, schools need more from their technology solutions. Lenovo delivers the tools to support immersive education experiences – from anywhere.

Explore Lenovo for universities
Lenovo for universities
Lenovo for universities

Universities are rethinking strategies following the pandemic. Educators need the right technology to deliver exceptional student experiences, whether in-person or online. Lenovo education solutions help universities boost creativity, collaboration, and computing power – with security as standard.

Your #1 priority

Delivering excellent education – everywhere

Wherever your students are working – Lenovo education solutions help your teachers to stay in control, monitor everyone’s work, and make sure that lesson plans are correctly followed.

Ensuring that every child reaches their full potential

With Lenovo, you can give every student the computing power to run complex applications, calculate, and collaborate – no matter their background.

Meeting teaching and learning challenges

From cyberattacks to funding issues, our technology is designed to help you overcome every obstacle in education – so you can deliver high-quality learning for your students, both in the classroom and virtually.

Products, Solutions, and Services

You may be looking for power and durability, all in one device. Or perhaps you want a classroom management solution that makes teaching and learning easier. Whatever your needs, our products and software are built to give your students the best chance in life.

Education - Products, Solutions and Services

On-demand webinar: Innovative solutions for the future of learning.

Your number one priority is to offer students an effective digital learning experience. This webinar outlines how choosing the right hardware can help you deliver a digital education that goes well beyond the classroom, encouraging collaborative and connected learning.

While students are now back at schools, colleges and universities, the need to support home learning hasn’t gone away.

Lenovo solutions for education

Lenovo VR Classroom

A complete, ready-to-go VR experience that will transform the way you deliver STEM content to your students and enhance their learning.

Education Solutions Hybrid Learning Spaces
Hybrid learning spaces

Discover our solutions that bridge accessibility gaps, increase collaboration, and enrich the learning experience – wherever your students are working.

Education Solutions Esports
Esports solutions

Get your game on: unlock all the benefits of esports, both educational and beyond. Engage your students like never before.

Sustainability for all

Sustainability for schools
Sustainability for schools

Sustainability is a complex challenge – especially if your school is on a tight budget. See how our power-efficient devices and carbon offset services can help you proactively manage your emissions.

Sustainability for universities
Sustainability for universities

45% of students would use sustainability as a differentiator when choosing where to study. See how to make them choose you, with the help of our eco-friendly solutions and services.

Education success stories from around the world

Lenovo keeps students and staff connected at Roma Tre University
Lenovo keeps students and staff connected at Roma Tre University

Smarter technology enables seamless remote learning experiences

Lenovo education solutions enrich student experiences at UNIMORE
Lenovo education solutions enrich student experiences at UNIMORE

Smarter technology equips students with the skills to succeed.

Lenovo devices give Ådalens Private School the tools to learn – from anywhere
Lenovo empowers Ådalens Private School to learn from anywhere

Smarter solutions empower students to learn with secure and reliable tech.

Lenovo helps teachers engage with students at home and in the classroom
Lenovo helps teachers engage with students wherever they are

Indiana teachers and students embrace remote learning with LanSchool

Lenovo transforms a classroom at King Edward School in Bath
Lenovo transforms a classroom at King Edward School in Bath

Smarter solutions enable education development with esports

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