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Follow a smarter way forward, with Lenovo, as your classroom continues to evolve.

Your school has become a setting for hybrid education, with a mix of onsite and distance learning. Teachers, students and parents now depend on innovative solutions to ensure their connections extend beyond the classroom.

With Lenovo, you can navigate what’s ahead. Be inspired by our education experts’ data-driven insights and other practical resources. And help everyone’s skills to flourish with devices and software that keep your teachers and students connected.


What we’ve learnt about learning

Improve the learning experience for teachers and students alike. This new report looks at how technology has transformed education during the past year, and shows how we can take remote education to the next level.

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Be part of the Lenovo EdVision Program and join the new generation of educators and students. Get empowered with tailor-made solutions for the classroom, and stay ready for the future of education.

Smarter hybrid learning with Lenovo Education solutions

When schools in Hong Kong had to close to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, ELCHK Lutheran Secondary School leveraged Lenovo's smarter education solutions to keep learning on track. Watch the video to learn how Lenovo education solutions enable teachers to livestream lessons, interact with students virtually, and deliver high-quality learning experiences for all.

Create vibrant hubs for learning without limits

In this everchanging age, is your school ready for accelerated digital demands?

Lenovo Education Solutions equip educational institutes with powerful hybrid solutions that combine the best of in-class and remote learning. Now, your classrooms can become vibrant hubs for collaboration and seamless sharing of knowledge.

Free teachers to inspire students

Ensure modern remote manageability that is secured and reliable with Lenovo devices powered by Intel vPro® platform. Plus, discover how you could build connections and inspire students from anywhere with our full range of smarter learning solutions. Read our brochure to see what you could do.


EduLP Inspire

See how you could inspire students with smarter learning solutions

What’s ahead?

Classrooms have been redefined

1.37 billion students worldwide were learning from home in March 2020.

Lenovo’s devices, software, support and services enable robust connectivity and collaboration, helping keep students inspired.

Virtual classrooms keep learners connected

Microsoft Teams was used in 175 countries by 183,000 education institutions in April 2020.

Lenovo can help you implement the latest hardware and software tools to ensure maximum security protection.

Technology enables flexible teaching

20% of educational systems report a focus on cost reduction. Technology budgets must be protected.

Lenovo can offer key insights into best practices for implementing remote services and support.

Hear from the education experts

Take five minutes to hear what we’re doing to move forward smarter – and stronger – in the changing landscape. Gain practical advice and guidance to help transform your learning environment.

Solutions and Services

Lenovo is the world’s number one education PC provider. You get a reliable framework for education at every level, from K-12 to college. And our experience of providing global tech solutions means you can rely on end-to-end services and expert support.

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Built for EDU

A robust ecosystem based on reliable, stress-tested hardware, and supported by additional services to protect your investment and empower students and teachers.


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Distance learning

Share knowledge, collaborate and communicate from a distance. Explore digital alternatives to the traditional classroom environment with a range of tools and services.


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Defend your network and devices from cyberattacks. Next-gen antivirus, content filtering and device management solutions protect valuable data and safeguard students online.



Built for EDU

From the beginnings of our design process through to fully implemented and realized infrastructure, Lenovo EDU is designed to drive powerful learning experiences.

Ready for action

Whether its laptops, 2-in-1s or rugged tablets, you can handle the challenges of education with Lenovo devices. With anchor keys, reinforced LCD glass, and protection from impact and spillages, you can protect against drops, knocks and heavy use.

Plus, you can gain access to additional services, including premier support with experienced Lenovo technicians, accidental damage protection, extended warranty services, and easy, cloud-based device management and app licensing.

EduLP Ready for action

Distance learning

Lenovo EDU solutions are prepared to support learning, wherever it takes place. We provide solutions to help you access the full potential of our technology.

EduLP Manage classes remotely

Manage classes remotely

You can use powerful software to support and direct learning, wherever it takes place. Implement tools for sharing and filtering content, creating virtual classroom environments, monitoring students’ screens, and running video conferences for face-to-face coaching.

Encourage learning away from the screen by delivering STEM challenges in virtual reality, and work with high-quality multimedia. Teach valuable digital literacy skills, raise awareness of privacy and security online, and cultivate supportive online communities.



Lenovo devices are built with end-to-end security, to ensure that valuable data is kept under lock and key. Safeguard students and protect remote devices with our range of software solutions and services.

Next-gen protection

Protect remote devices and ensure your data is kept safe with end-to-end security. IT admins can use powerful software to track and remotely lock lost or stolen devices. They can also view device health and usage, update software, and protect against cyberattacks.

Apply filters and parental controls to restrict access to inappropriate content, safeguard students and manage risk. Analyze network traffic for usage insights. And monitor accounts to prevent cyberbullying.

EduLP Next-gen protection
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Market Insights

Gain practical advice and guidance to help transform your learning environment.




What is the data is saying? The numbers may surprise you—but they’ll definitely motivate you.


Education Insights and Trends

Market Insights

Get some current observations and future projections to help you drive change.


Education Security Infographic

Security Infographic

See how Lenovo is helping educators reduce risk and defend themselves against hackers.


Security trends and insights in education

Security One-pager

Learn more about protecting students and teachers wherever class is in session.


Market Insights

Smarter Way Forward
Introduction Vodcast

Gain practical advice and guidance to help transform your learning environment.


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