Unleash the full power of Industry 4.0
Powering what’s next in manufacturing & automation.

Manufacturing revolution driven by smarter insights

Lenovo OEM Solutions are ideal for building the hyper-efficient manufacturing and supply chain solutions of the future. You can gain access to highly innovative and dependable OEM technology, specialized customization and customer service for your manufacturing, construction, warehousing and storage applications. Unleash the operating efficiencies of Industry 4.0 through the next level of intelligent transformation.

Versatility and power with easy management


Manufacturing and warehouse automation

The hardware to power Industry 4.0 capabilities such as autonomous robots, augmented reality, digital simulation and cloud computing. Deep solution integration that delivers industry leading reliability and faster time-to-market. Plus, powerful analytics capabilities to unlock operating efficiencies.


Built-In artificial intelligence

Solutions that enable process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence. And professional workstations and rugged edge compute that are capable of running the most data-intensive intelligent analytics.


Industrial metrology

Fully-automated measurement hardware and technology capabilities, ensuring accuracy, precision and efficiency of manufactured parts and components. Plus production solutions to automate and optimize the modern factory.

Manufacturing opportunities

Digitalization initiatives in manufacturing – for objectives such as process automation, quality improvements and operational optimization – will drive growth in industrial IoT, which is vital for optimizing availability of operational assets, enabling remote management, and moving from preventative to predictive maintenance. The key emerging technologies enabling implementations will be AI (particularly machine vision) and Edge Computing.


Versatility and power with easy management

Lenovo OEM Solutions provide an extensive turnkey portfolio of products and services to fit your needs across the board.


Small, rugged, and built to handle your business needs at the edge.

  • Power to aggregate and analyze real-time data from distributed IoT devices
  • Module support available for 4G or 5G
  • Extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius

Extend OEM capabilities to ThinkSystem Rack Servers.

  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Simplified management through Lenovo XClarity
  • Suitable for demanding visual & processing applications

Powerful & Reliable ThinkStations designed to tackle heavy workloads.

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your solution
  • Intensive data processing for AI, machine learning, & extreme graphics processing
  • Exceeds leading ISV certification standards across industries
3rd Party Solutions

Vetted partnerships to offer a complete solution.

  • MobileDemand rugged cases, mounts, and scanners for tablets
  • InstoreScreen digital displays, shelves, and POS solutions

The Crosswave Partner Program is built on Lenovo OEM, bringing you turnkey solutions that target the specific needs in your industry. 

Discover how Crosswave could work for your business.

World-class service, worldwide

As your OEM partner, we back your security and surveillance solutions with a comprehensive suite of worldwide support services. Your customers have direct access to the support they need, and our global footprint ensures consistent delivery. We operate 51 contact centers across 165 countries, with 3,000 field service locations. You can sell your solutions without the additional commitment of providing service for the Lenovo elements of the solution.


Well-designed, reliable, and expertly-powered OEM Solutions

These manufacturing and warehouse optimization solutions are all founded on our core principles of predictability, innovation and partnership. As manufacturing and automation OEM partners, we offer extended lifecycle management with end-to-end solution integration, multi-level customization and product transition management. You will have a trusted partner with a legacy of quality and design innovation And we back our solutions with superior services that lift the burden of support from you and deliver real peace of mind to your customers.