Smarter breathes new life into the lifecycle
Lenovo Asset Recovery Services help you support a circular economy through the recycling, reuse and refurbishment of retired hardware.

Minimizing e-waste through secure lifecycle management

Businesses rely on technology to thrive. But, as companies face increased pressure to meet environmental targets from both governments and customers, they also need an effective end-of-life IT asset management strategy – one that considers devices of different age and from multiple brands.

Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) can help you securely manage the lifecycle of your hardware from any brand, including Laptops, Desktops, Peripherals, Enterprise Hardware and more, helping you minimize environmental impact.

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Strategic, socially responsible, and compliant

Lenovo ARS equips you with a dedicated team of experts to help you create a lifecycle planning strategy that encourages the recycling, reuse and refurbishment of any technology hardware.   

We’ll offer a single-source solution for the secure, documented disposition of IT assets and data, that can be customized to address the unique needs of your organization worldwide. After the secure sanitization of your data, we will thoroughly check your devices, reuse parts, refurbish devices in good shape, and responsibly recycle the ones that are too old or damaged.

Proper e-waste management can help you support a circular economy


70% of our overall toxic waste is e-waste.1


50M tonnes

of e-waste per year is left behind.2


Only 20% of e-waste is formally recycled.2


74.7M tonnes

of e-waste is projected by 2030.3

Flexible options to meet your needs

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Standard ARS Services
  • Pickup and securely transport devices from your location
  • Process after collection, test and prepare equipment for resale
  • Recycling to ensure proper disposal for obsolete equipment
  • NIST 800-88 compliant data sanitization and disk destruction
  • Single point of contact and detailed reporting
  • Return value to customer for re-marketable assets
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Additional on-request Services
  • Remote or on-site discovery to provide Fair Market Value for current inventory
  • Dismantle and move assets to on-site pickup area
  • Quarantine hold of assets to ensure data migration
  • On-site data destruction
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Other options
  • Refurbishment and remarketing
  • Recycling of components
  • Donation to the organization of your choice

Need help managing your IT carbon footprint?

Lenovo CO₂ Offset Services makes offsetting carbon emissions of your devices simple and tangible by supporting UN and Gold Standard® climate action projects.

Create value with confidence from your legacy assets

Lenovo ARS can help offset some costs related to your new technology refresh. By working with leading ITAD partners, we will provide a fair market value for your retired IT assets. Get in touch and our specialists will provide you with a value assessment for your end-of-life IT assets.

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