Working toward a brighter, smarter future
A better future for our customers, our communities, and our planet

Committed to creating value that lasts

At Lenovo, we understand the decisions we make today will impact future generations. That’s why we’re designing our solutions to last longer, be more energy efficient, and help our customers reach their own sustainability goals.

We have a vision to reach net-zero by 2050, and we’re working with the Science Based Targets initiative to establish goals that support this vision. Read our report for full details of our progress and ambitious sustainability targets.

“We believe innovation must serve the purpose of a better life for humanity — more inclusive, more environmentally friendly, and constantly changing for good.”

Yang Yuanqing, CEO, Lenovo

Elements of our ESG evolution

These are just a few of the steps we’ve taken towards making our goals a reality.

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Innovative packaging

We continually make our packaging more sustainable through recycled materials and elimination of plastic. Our bio-based packaging is 100% renewable and biodegradable. It’s also lighter, so it reduces emissions during transportation. We’re using recycled materials and have cut out the need for plastic tape.

Reducing emissions

Lenovo has set a vision to achieve net-zero by 2050. We’re working with the Science Based Targets initiative to establish goals that support this vision. By 2025, we aim for 90% of electricity for our global operations to come from renewable sources, and we will eliminate 1 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from our supply chain.

Recycled materials

We integrate recycled materials into our products and packaging to minimize waste and use of virgin materials during production and lifecycle. In 2021 alone, Lenovo integrated more than 13.5 million kgs of recycled plastic into its products. By 2025, we intend for 100% of our PC products to contain post-consumer recycled content.

Circular economy

We’re embracing a circular model of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” through our supply chains, product design, materials, and services. Our products are made to be repaired on premises when needed, and when it’s time to refresh your devices, we’ll reclaim your hardware to extract even more value from the component materials.

Social impact

We believe in creating smarter technology for all. Our products are vetted by inclusive design experts to ensure they work for everyone, regardless of physical attributes or abilities. Meanwhile, the Lenovo Foundation is empowering communities around the world with access to technology and education, impacting millions with strategic investments, volunteerism and disaster response.

Discover how Lenovo can support your business’ sustainability aims

Lenovo ThinkPad laptops. Shape your sustainable future.

Our latest range of ThinkPad devices is powered by Intel vPro®, An Intel® Evo Design, to ensure high performance and functionality, with a focus on more responsible operations – built for what IT needs and users want. We also use powerful Intel processors, made with 100% conflict-free minerals, to deliver industry-leading computing performance.

Meanwhile, Lenovo TruScale makes it easier for you to access tailored solutions using our technology-as-a-service framework. TruScale provides the latest and most innovative hardware, software and services as part of a flexible and sustainable strategy for growth.


Meet your environmental goals with smarter services

As we keep working towards more energy-efficient, human-centered technology, we’re also empowering our customers to meet their own sustainability goals.

Lenovo’s CO₂ Offset Services

Lenovo partners with certified service providers and the U.N. to offset CO₂ emissions across device production, shipment and a typical 5-year lifecycle. In this way, our customers have offset 500,000+ metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Lenovo’s Asset Recovery Services

Lenovo can assist you in the development of a sustainable corporate disposition strategy, helping to recycle end-of-life products. In 2021 alone, we recycled more than 29,000 metric tons of product through our product take back program.

Want to know more?

Lenovo ESG is working to broaden our understanding of value in technology. If you have any questions about how we can support you build a brighter, more sustainable future, or if you would like to speak to a Lenovo specialist, we’re here to help.