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Lenovo partners with care teams & research organizations to provide technology solutions that improve healthcare for patients & providers.

The power of technology

Improving patient care and medical research everywhere - from anywhere

Whether you’re an IT professional, a practicing clinician, a research scientist, or a healthcare administrator, you share a common end goal: to improve the care and wellbeing of patients everywhere. In the transition to hybrid healthcare, Lenovo expertise extends to the entire healthcare landscape.

Underpinned by world-class innovation and over a decade of proven healthcare experience, Lenovo solutions offer devices that deliver on the quality, durability, and reliability the healthcare industry demands – all with the support and security needed to protect sensitive data.


Holistic approach

Lenovo delivers healthcare-specific, end-to-end cloud, security, and mobility solutions across the entire healthcare landscape.


Proven capability

Lenovo solutions are already widely utilized by more than 3,000 healthcare organizations, in over 180 markets around the world.


It’s all in the data

Each patient generates approximately 80 megabytes of medical data annually. Using it wisely and keeping it safe are paramount.


The future of Hybrid Healthcare

50% of healthcare executives expect virtual delivery to account for a quarter of all care – inpatient as well as outpatient – by 2040.

Building the hospital of the future

Use our interactive tool to see where healthcare is heading. Discover what’s possible and then learn how you can future proof your environment with end-to-end solutions and services designed help you meet the changing needs of your staff, clinicians and patients.

An office
A hospital icon

Boost patient engagement and experience

Start the healthcare experience off right, from the moment patients and visitors step into your hospital, with solutions for easy registration, navigation, and digital communications.

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Improve clinical workflows with mobility and flexibility tools

Support your always-on-the-move clinical staff with mobile health technology for hybrid care, clinical consults, and better patient communication.

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Ensure easy, seamless, and secure connectivity

Take workflows and productivity to the next level with our broad portfolio of workstations for clinical workspaces, diagnostics, and medical visualization.

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Empower reliable and efficient collaboration between teams

Bring immersive virtual experiences into clinical collaboration and grand rounds, and help administrative teams meet from anywhere.


Goshen Health

See how this incredible healthcare organization leverages Lenovo’s dynamic technology for the improvement of hospital stays, more efficient rounding, and much, much more.

Lenovo Health Solutions

Unlock a better electronic health records experience with the right hardware solutions.


Lenovo Health Solutions for EHR

Unlock a better EHR experience with the right hardware solutions.

Lenovo OEM for Healthcare

The healthcare industry has trusted Lenovo components for years to power MRIs, radiology, medical records, and life science solutions.

Most healthcare professionals use Lenovo every day in hospitals, clinics, and in today’s hybrid care environments (even if you don’t see it).


Find out more about how Lenovo is helping the healthcare industry

Dive deeper into Lenovo’s contribution to the healthcare sector – the technology we’re developing, the security and protection we’re implementing, and the challenges presented by a changing world.

Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, and Emerging Technologies

Explore the technology that is revolutionizing the healthcare industry - making the lives of caregivers easier, and significantly improving patient care.

Healthcare Security

Discover the ways Lenovo is empowering healthcare organizations to keep patient information protected and vital data secure.

Healthcare Collaboration

Healthcare is a collaborative effort. Lenovo understands this. Professional caregivers and patients alike can benefit from our wide range of solutions, designed to support every aspect of the healthcare experience.


SmartCollab Solutions

Power smarter hybrid healthcare with Lenovo solutions for the future of work.


SmartCollab Huddle Room

Enterprise-level collaboration for healthcare with Lenovo technology.


Employee Experience

Four ways organizations can put people first in the hybrid healthcare environment.

Hybrid Healthcare

The world has changed, and healthcare is not immune to the impact. Lenovo is committed to providing the cutting-edge technology required to elevate efficiency in clinics and hospitals, as well as ensure the highest quality of patient care.

The Great Unifier: optimizing the patient experience

Bringing the physical and virtual together for a new patient journey.

Hybrid healthcare and the evolution of the CIO

Find out how CIOs are shaping the future of healthcare.

Optimizing the patient journey through technology

What’s the secret to making meaningful patient-centric technology decisions?

Investing in inpatient innovations

Our experts share how emerging technologies are being used and the future could look like.

Virtual Care Infographic

Learn how to seamlessly integrate virtual models with clinical workflows.

Healthcare IT Transformation

Healthcare data is set to grow at a compound rate of 35% through 2025. IT teams are expected to be responsible for three times more endpoints by 2023 than in 2018.

Lenovo helps you prepare for and keep pace with the constant evolution of technology and healthcare best practices. From agile data centers and hybrid cloud architectures to ultra-compact and power endpoints such as thin clients, we can help you apply digital technologies to boost efficiency and transform care delivery.

A connected, visualized healthcare enterprise

Lenovo thin clients simplify device selection, deployment and management, so IT teams can securely and compliantly mobilize healthcare data and applications.

Lenovo client virtualization solutions for Citrix

A powerful solution to meet healthcare’s need for flexibility and global availability of compute resources, while managing security and compliance on mobile devices.

Lenovo client virtualization solutions for VMware Horizon

Centrally manage the desktop image within the data center, rather than at the remote worker or office location.

Lenovo Scalable infrastructure (LeSI) for healthcare

LeSI enables you to focus on maximizing business value by delivering dynamic data center solutions.

VDI for healthcare: the benefits of improved data protection

Increase data security and centralize systems while offering any device, anytime, anywhere flexibility.

Healthcare Offerings

Take a look at some of the latest Lenovo technology powered by Intel for healthcare.

ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 for healthcare

Thinner, lighter, and a higher screen-to-body ratio for improved clinic productivity.

Tiny-in-One Gen 4 Monitor

Maximize upgrade and maintenance efficiency, while freeing up workspace.

ThinkCenter M70q Tiny Gen 3

Full desktop performance and the latest security features in a 1-liter chassis design.

XI Carbon Laptop Gen 10

Superior performance with cutting-edge connectivity helps healthcare stay productive.

ThinkStation P360 Ultra workstation

The new ThinkStation P360 Ultra breaks new ground by delivering superior performance and flexibility in a chassis less than four liters in total volume. Ideal for healthcare environments that are small on space.

Keeping your equipment clean and safe for you and your healthcare co-workers

Even healthcare workers may not realize that laptops, smartphones, and other handheld devices need to be disinfected just like other hospital equipment.

When cleaning isn’t enough, do you know how to disinfect your hand-held devices safely and effectively?


Don’t take our word for it. Explore these Lenovo-powered success stories

Lenovo loves to hear how our innovations are impacting lives for the better. These healthcare organizations are enjoying the benefits of a bolstered digital infrastructure, backed up by some of the most powerful hardware on the market.

Nuffield Health

Nuffield Health was able to build a hospital of the future with Lenovo technology.


This healthcare association launched an innovative online learning program.

Makita General Hospital

Tokyo’s oldest hospital overhauled its electronic medical record system with Lenovo technology.


An automated software solution offers faster and affordable access to COVID-19 testing.

Cancer Research Center

This institute deployed the ThinkPad® T14 Healthcare Edition to ensure the security of patient data across the organization.


The medical device company that gained access to previously unattainable workflows with Lenovo Workstations.

Jupiter Medical Center

From check-in to bedside, office to data center, healthcare IT solutions enable a full integrated EMR for Jupiter Medical Center.

Academic Medical Center

Learn how ThinkPad laptops became an integral part of an academic health system’s clinical and administrative workflows.

Want to learn more?

Lenovo Health provides technology customized for your healthcare organization. For more information about how we can help you innovate healthcare, get in touch with our specialists.