Bringing smart collaboration to your university
Lenovo solutions can make it easier for group projects to work together, wherever your students are.
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors

Enabling, not hindering, online learning

Some universities struggle to provide the right kind of support that students need when studying online modules. While many have adapted to do the best they can with the equipment they have, others have struggled. And can’t always ensure their students are able to work together effectively and stay engaged with the material they’re studying. As remote and hybrid learning models become more and more of permanent fixture, these challenges must be overcome – fast.

Offering a consistent, engaging learning experience

Offering a consistent, engaging learning experience

Universities and colleges must put the right technology in the hands of every learner, whether students are at home or in the lecture hall. Failure to do so will only widen a digital divide that began to take shape during the pandemic.

In this new higher education learning landscape, colleges and universities need infrastructure that can deliver smarter collaboration across all subjects. As well as an IT setup that can adapt and evolve with the changing needs of tomorrow.

Providing a seamless remote learning experience

“Lessons are richer in the classroom, and at home you can participate easily without losing any of the interaction with teachers and students.”

Teresa, Second Year Student.

Back in 2020, and in the wake of stringent lockdowns across Italy, Roma Tre University aimed to continue to deliver outstanding teaching for students. And ensure they could still work together while kept apart from each other. The university rapidly deployed comprehensive virtual teaching solutions based on Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 for Microsoft Teams.

For classrooms everywhere

Smart Collaboration has so many advantages for so many people – from individual students to faculty departments to the entire institution.

Personalised experiences

With Lenovo, every learning experience is catered to the individual’s needs.

Virtual collaboration

With our solutions, students can contribute from wherever they’re based.

Connected classrooms

Smart Collaboration means more people can work together online just as seamless as in-person.

Faculty flexibility

Students and staff can connect from any campus or location without a hitch.

Lenovo innovates to bring smarter collaboration to life

Microsoft Teams Rooms
Microsoft Teams Rooms

Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed – no matter where they are. By seamlessly integrating Microsoft Teams Rooms with Microsoft 365, remote students can work together effortlessly and produce the best possible work.

Google Meet Series One
Google Meet Series One

Google Meet is a video communication service. Designed to support remote learning it keeps students and teachers closer together. Google Meet Series One Room Kits work right out of the box and integrate seamlessly with existing Chrome infrastructures – so teachers can focus on their students and not on managing IT.

Zoom Room
Zoom Room

Zoom Rooms are mobile, physical setups designed to make collaboration online run as smoothly as possible. Get creative with interactive whiteboards, move around naturally while you teach with ThinkSmart Cam, make your voice heard with ThinkSmart Microphone and conduct remote lessons across campus.

With Zoom Rooms hardware, teachers can bridge the gap between remote students, and even engage them in new ways that go beyond a typical in-person learning experience.

ThinkSmart One with controller
Lenovo ThinkSmart One

Lenovo Hybrid Classroom with All-In-One Collaboration Bar. With Lenovo ThinkSmart One, enabling more collaboration in lecture theatres has never been easier. Available for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms, this immersive digital experience supports students and teachers – whether it’s face-to-face and in-person or fully remote.


Create adaptable learning environments with the hybrid classroom

This webinar – made with the STEM Alliance Partnership – explores how hybrid learning allows schools and universities to be more flexible. We also discuss tech solutions for keeping learners actively participating, whether they are in the classroom or signing-on remotely.

Products, Solutions, and Services

When it comes to educating the next generation of change makers, there are no shortcuts. That’s why Lenovo has curated a unique portfolio of products, solutions, and services designed to make teaching easier, and learning more engaging. Whatever your needs, our devices are built to give students the best start in life.

Products, Solutions, and Services

Supporting students throughout their education

Lenovo solutions power learning across schools, colleges, and universities.
Put collaboration and inclusion at the heart of your hybrid strategy, wherever your students spend their day.

Ed Solutions
Lenovo Education Solutions

Lenovo is your ideal long-term partner for complete device, software and service solutions.

Smart Collaboration Solutions
Smart Collaboration Solutions

Lenovo helps universities offer consistent, engaging experiences whether students are studying at home or in the lecture theatre.

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