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Think total protection. Wherever and whenever work happens.

Your business is no longer contained within an office, nor constrained by working hours. Modern business operates around the clock, and data is accessible from anywhere. This means a new definition of “safe” is required.

Lenovo ThinkShield evolves with the modern threat landscape to protect your business and adapt to the needs of the workforce. All vulnerabilities can be totally and securely covered by our extensive portfolio of secure solutions, software, and services.

Technology you can rely on

We track and ensure the integrity of our technology, from manufacture to deployment and beyond.


Security that adapts

Our solutions are engineered to evolve as security threats change, so your information is always protected.


Expertise you need

We support you with customizable, global security services to solve your concerns.

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Cybersecurity facts today

In a hybrid working environment, cybersecurity is being tested in a new way.

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$4.35m is the average cost of a data breach per incident. This figure has climbed by 12.7% since 2020.1

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40% of chief security officers admit their organizations are unprepared for a rapidly changing threat landscape.2

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15.1% YoY increase in cyberattacks and data breaches in 2021.2

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5 mins is the amount of time it takes for an IoT device to be attacked by bots once connected.3

Defense at every level

Our expertise, global presence and security professionals provide reliable solutions to defend your business, without compromising end-user productivity.

AI-powered endpoint protection has you covered from OS to the Cloud, allowing you to work from anywhere with extended detection and response against cyber-threats. Below the OS, Lenovo ThinkShield protects, detects, and alerts BIOS level attacks to secure your firmware and hardware before your PC even boots.

And our Supply Chain Assurance program allows you to protect hardware components and software in devices against tampering, from the factory floor straight to your employees’ hands.

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From Operating System to Cloud

  • Endpoint security and management
  • Data defense and secure cloud backup
  • Password-less authentication
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Below the Operating System

  • BIOS Firmware
  • Firmware Security
  • Hardware Security
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Supply Chain Assurance

  • Verifiable Hardware
  • Verifiable Software
  • Trusted Supplier Program

Lenovo Technical Webinar Series

Lenovo Patch for SCCM

Lenovo Patch is a plug-in to Microsoft's SCCM. An enterprise patch management solution that supports Lenovo hardware, BIOS and drivers, and over 8500 3rd party hardware and applications through a single management console.

Lenovo ThinkShield Firmware Defense

Firmware is the #1 attack surface used in cyberattacks because it is unprotected. Lenovo ThinkShield Firmware Defense by Eclypsium is like EDR/XDR for but for firmware supporting all x86 hardware.

Lenovo ThinkShield Asset Intelligence

The biggest challenge faced when using Asset Management is inability to easily locate and consume accurate and timely procurement and discovery data for the creation and management of asset records.

Lenovo ThinkShield MDR

Managed Critical Risk Reduction (MCRR) is the evolution of Managed Detection and Response (MDR). ThinkShield MCRR by Critical Start manages XDR and SIEM solutions improving threat detection/response.

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Lenovo ThinkShield File and Drive Erasure

One solution to manage and wipe files, folders, drives, LUNs, across all enterprise devices including removable media, mobile, endpoint, workstation, servers, virtual servers, data storage and cloud.

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Lenovo ThinkShield’s Absolute Secure Endpoint

Undeletable security and management control on endpoints; application self-heal, geofencing, remote lock & wipe, recover lost & stolen devices.

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Lenovo ThinkShield Hardware Defense by Sepio

The only zero-trust hardware access available that provides a complete BOM of every device detected and monitored.

Lenovo ThinkShield Safe Workspace by Bufferzone

Enable users to work without fear of cyberattacks through email and attachments, websites or web browsers, and USB attached devices. Prevent phishing, malware, ransomware, etc. from being effective.

Phishing Resistant Passwordless MFA

Eliminate passwords as an attack vector across your enterprise. Integrate with Windows Hello to eliminate all passwords for users and administrators and help prevent phishing and other attacks.

Lenovo ThinkShield Data Defense by Cigent

Put an end to data breaches & ransomware by making data invisible with secure storage protected by MFA for file access. Prevent data compromise wherever the data goes to include cloud, USB, or email.


Uncompromising security with Windows 11 Pro

Outdated hardware leaves companies open to attack, but modern Lenovo Think devices are built with Windows 11 Pro and can secure your hybrid workers. New Windows 11 devices provide out-of-the-box protection against evolving threats, and are compatible with 99.6% of security applications.4

Businesses report 58% reduction in security incidents with Windows 11 Pro devices.5

Your defense, strengthened by our partners

Lenovo ThinkShield brings world-class security providers together to defend against threats, wherever work happens. Empowering your business with Lenovo Think devices, complete with Windows 11 Pro, gives you a secure foundation for a more productive hybrid workforce.


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1 Ponemon Institute, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

2 ThoughtLab, Cybersecurity Solutions for a Riskier World, 2022

3 NetScout, “Dawn of the Terrorbit Era,” 2018

4 App Assure program data from Oct 2018 to Feb 2022

5 Windows 11 Survey Report. Techaisle, February 2022. Windows 11 results are in comparison with Windows 10 devices.