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Lenovo OEM Solutions is your end-to-end answer for innovative, dependable OEM hardware. We provide reliable, secure technologies out of the box or tailored to fit your needs, so you can focus on what makes your solution remarkable.

Our OEM Solutions business is based on three core principles



#1 PC provider with reliable & secure hardware

Ranked #8 global supply chain by Gartner

Extended lifecycle portfolio and management



Design leadership

Performance and security

Extensive customization capabilities



Customer service & engineering support

Robust logistics and management

A trusted advisor, not just a vendor

Outpacing the competition with Lenovo

Richard Childress Racing, a top team in the NASCAR cup series, shares how they’re continuously striving to achieve faster, more efficient testing and data with the latest technology and innovation to get an edge against the competition. Through the partnership with Lenovo OEM Solutions and the AMD ThinkStation P620 and new P8, they have been able to achieve faster results in key areas, from the driving simulator to optimizing their engines, that has driven their success at the track.

Why Lenovo OEM Solutions?

Lenovo OEM Solutions are marked by strong engineering capabilities to modify products, build new solutions or completely customize existing platforms based on business needs.

Full OEM portfolio of offerings
  • Product offerings from the pocket to the cloud: including phones, tablets, PCs, Edge Gateways, Servers, Storage, Networking and 3rd Party offerings.
  • Extended Life Program: providing 3-5 years lifecycle and extended availability across platforms.
  • Global warranty, certifications, and Premier Support services specifically for OEMs.
Global OEM specialization
  • Dedicated OEM sales and support specialists with global and regional coverage.
  • In-house engineering resources focused on innovation for your solution development needs.
  • Trusted advisor with vertical and industry expertise.
OEM capabilities
  • E2E program management for your solution, extended life, transitions and advanced notifications.
  • Multi-level customization services including blank chassis, bezels, packaging, logos, imaging, global deployment services, and more.
  • Strategic technology partnerships, including Intel IOTG Solution Alliance, RFP Ready Kits and Crosswave Partner Program for Market Ready Solutions.

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Extend the lifespan of your solution

Introducing OEM ThinkPad Extended Availability Program, a unique game-changing service for OEM customers across every vertical.

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Faster, smarter decision making at the edge

Driven by secure, scalable, globally certified clients. Find out more about Lenovo’s ThinkEdge®.

Industry-specific expertise

Find out about our work with partners in different sectors, with examples of our solutions in action.

See how our services will support you for the long haul

You can feel taken care of from the seed of an idea, to end of life, with Lenovo lifecycle management.

Discover our data center and extended life solutions

Bring your solutions to market rapidly and efficiently with complementary services, resources, and capabilities from Lenovo representatives you can trust.

OEM Solutions powered by Lenovo

Our specialists are tailored to your industry, enabling innovation, reliability and partnership at every opportunity.


Digital Signage & Visual Solutions

Solutions and analytics for smart retail and beyond.


Healthcare & Radiology

Virtual care and faster diagnoses with advanced imaging technology.


Security & Surveillance

Customizable to your specialized digital applications.


Energy & Transportation

Increase operational efficiencies onshore and offshore.


Manufacturing & Automation

Automate and optimize the modern factory or warehouse.

Customer Use Cases

Learn how customers are working with Lenovo OEM to implement and deploy their solutions across different vertical industries.


Sonny’s Car Wash

Sonny’s Enterprises uses Lenovo ThinkEdge SE70 edge computing devices, powered by NVIDIA®  to enable a first-of-its-kind computer vision application that automatically detects risky conditions in car washes.



Cust2Mate partnered with the Lenovo OEM solution team to build a smart cart retail solution that offers a next-generation shopping experience.



Discover how a leading producer of vacuum and oil pumps for the automotive sector is using Lenovo OEM Solutions to analyse data at the edge, to keep production lines rolling.


Crosswave Partner Program

Whether customers are looking to gain insights that can help improve their business operations or increase safety and security, Crosswave solutions are addressing key challenges by providing end to end solutions for our customers

World-class service, worldwide

As your OEM partner, we back your solutions with a comprehensive suite of worldwide support services. Your customers have direct access to the support they need, and our global footprint ensures consistent delivery. We operate 51 contact centers across 165 countries, with 3,000 field service locations. You can sell your solutions without the additional commitment of providing service for the Lenovo elements of the solution.


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