Productivity from day one on your own terms
Reduce the repetitive work that chips away your IT resources by shipping fully configured devices that are ready to use, with ProvisionNow.

Elevate IT efficiency with ProvisionNow

Reduce your IT team’s workload and free up their time to focus on strategic IT projects. No matter how robust your in-house IT expertise or dedicated support, these service bundles can offer significant time and resource savings. Leverage highly skilled Lenovo technicians and shift the expensive and labor-intensive deskside in-house IT functions to them.


Effortless IT provisioning for hybrid workforces

Embracing the future of remote work and decentralized workforces is essential. IT teams require swift, hands-on provisioning solutions, while end-users demand devices that are ready to be used from the moment they arrive.

Enhance productivity by selecting Lenovo ProvisionNow service bundle. This solution simplifies company-issued device configuration, deployment, image management, and image recovery. Each kit features factory-based device setup and user-centric, cloud-based IT services.

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