SMB lenovo big data for small business

High Performance Computing: What Is It & Why Should You Care About It?

Computational performance impacts outcomes. And outcomes impact business.
Nov 30

Nutanix Xpress Running on Lenovo Appliances Help SMB Run Their IT Infrastructure

The Lenovo Converged HX 2000 Series appliances with integrated Nutanix Xpress software address the IT needs of smaller organisations.
Jul 29

Computer Hardware Security eBook: Defending Against Physical Threats

In this eGuide, we’ll look at physical security threats to which every computer – whether desktop PC, laptop or tablet – is vulnerable, and show you how to guard against them.
Jul 29

Microsoft Azure Stack: Migrate to the cloud without giving up control

Public cloud adoption is soaring. McAfee estimates claim Australia (33 per cent) and Canada (32 per cent) are leading the way, with Japanese (25 per cent) and French organisations (23 per cent) not far behind in using only public cloud installations. Gart
Jul 29

Virtual Networks: Redefining Data Centre Networking

Networking is catching up with the rest of data centre technology.
Jul 28

Big Data Analytics: Extracting Valuable Insights

Big Data Must Generate Big Insights
Jun 20