One Pulse:
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shaping the future
Join leading experts from Lenovo and Microsoft as
they come together As One to solve any challenge.

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Gain insight into the solutions redefining workplace culture, building safer spaces online, and driving sustainable value creation.




Pulse on Productivity

What are the levers that enhance productivity and boost innovation? Our experts share the answers to increasing your productivity throughput.




Pulse on Collaboration

How can you foster a culture of collaboration and co-creation in the hybrid workplace? Join the experts as they unlock the secrets to becoming a culture magnet.




Pulse on Security

Is building stakeholder trust a priority for your business? Tune into our experts as they shed light on how to build your defence shield in the new world of work.




Pulse on Sustainability

Want to make smarter choices on your sustainability journey? Our experts have fresh insights to help you make measurable progress.

Two tech titans solving your challenges, As One.

Lenovo and Microsoft address six key areas where our combined solutions and services can help you make smarter decisions, fast.


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