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Integrating real-world and digital solutions

Welcome customers to a digitally enhanced shopping experience.

Explore how Lenovo Smart Retail…

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Unlocks the benefits of digital
transformation for
brick-and-mortar stores.

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Connects customers in-store
and online using intelligent

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Improves customer experience,
making suggestions based on
data and insight.

Retail Vision

We can deliver a finely-tuned environment that provides seamless connection and meaningful experiences for customers and employees, every step of the way.

Intelligent Design

We analyze your data, transforming it into insights that drive decisions. Our customized, integrated network of Smart Retail solutions simplifies IT management and maintenance.

Unified Solution

Our rigorously tested, specialized technology creates an ecosystem of interoperable solutions and aggregated data. Optimize your customers’ journey from end-to-end.

Lenovo Smart Retail creates smart stores that transform the shopping experience and deliver data-driven business results. Our unified solutions bring together hardware, software, and services, with intelligent design and connected technology that turns disparate data into insight. We help retailers develop a roadmap and deploy step-by-step solutions to meet today’s challenges and embrace the future of retail.


Point of Sales/Kiosks

We make collecting data in retail simple. Our turnkey POS and Self-service Kiosk solutions help retailers grow beyond siloed digital point tools to unlock data and insights, as well as reduce the hardware footprint and expense through connected self-service solutions.

Explore our range of devices that have been specialized for the retail environment.

iot smart retail by lenovo

Introducing inTOUCH

This solution pairs INSTORESCREEN™ inTOUCH touch monitors with Lenovo AMD-powered compact desktops in a streamlined, stylish footprint. The modular displays and PCs can be redeployed, upgraded, or replaced to optimize space, use cases, and technology investment. The solution is easy to use and durable, with antimicrobial front glass.* AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors deliver performance and manageability. AMD and Lenovo security provide protection. And the solution is tested, qualified, and serviced by Lenovo.


*Antimicrobial properties are built into the glass to protect the product from bacterial growth. This product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria, germs, viruses, or other harmful organisms.

Lenovo Smart Edge

Access enormous compute power, closer to where it’s needed, using our portfolio of edge devices. Bring problem-solving closer to your data-gathering devices or call up distributed compute capabilities with high availability and redundancy through virtualization.



lenovo smart edge pos system
iot smart retail by lenovo

Lenovo CIoT

We are the trusted source for accelerating digital transformation by leveraging new solutions. From validation to deployment, we manage at scale end-to-end technology solutions which drive sales, increase operational efficiencies, and help keep stores safe.



Lenovo OEM

Lenovo OEM Solutions is an industry-leading partner with a global presence. Our OEM business is driven by three foundational principles: Predictability, Innovation and Partnership. We offer a full portfolio of custom services and computing products ranging from powerful and resilient enterprise-grade platforms to energy-efficient, space-saving personal systems.



lenovo oem solutions
ai for retail by lenovo

Lenovo AI

Accelerate your time to insights and discover how AI is transforming the retail industry in the Lenovo AI Innovation Centers. Through accelerated Proof-of-Concepts with our AI Partner Ecosystem, we can prove out how AI can transform your retail business, from understanding customer behavior, reducing your shrinkage to complex logistics and inventory challenges, Lenovo provides optimized solutions for your retail business.



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