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String Nguyen

Entrepreneur and business woman String, relies on the flexibility and efficiency of the ThinkPad Yoga, powered by Intel vPro® to support her creative mind and grow her many businesses.

Gus Balbontin

The ThinkPad X1 Yoga, is the ultimate powerhouse device for investor, advisor and adventurer Gus Balbontin to stay connected and productive from anywhere. Its flexibility and efficiency are unmatched. How will you take advantage of its power?

New research reveals ‘thinking gap’

What’s holding us back from big breakthroughs and a better society? This report shows we’re not getting the headspace we need.

In today’s frenetic world, “survival thinking” often replaces deep thinking. Which problems does that pose? How can we solve them? And which types of thinking matter most, to who? Find out.

thinking gap

Only 20% believe society is in the right track about thinking

graph 3

Americans “lose” nearly 3 hours of their day from not doing their best thinking

graph 59

59% stressed the role of burnout and fatigue in not being able to do their best thinking

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Over 30 years of bold visions at your fingertips​

icon innovation

Relentless innovation

You constantly innovate with tech – and we’re constantly finding ways to help. 

You’ll find breakthroughs like our unique folding-screen laptop, Human Presence Detection, 5G and Modern Standby in our latest-generation ThinkPads. Your technicians can identify and resolve unexpected issues faster than ever, using only a smartphone app, with Intelligent Diagnostics. And when the power button is pressed, critical data is stored on the SSD’s non-volatile memory before shutdown.

icon quality

Trusted quality

Your crucial tech should never let you down. 

When you buy a ThinkPad laptop, you can be sure it’ll perform through extreme conditions, since we use industry-leading Product Testing 810H testing. 
Plus, expect less downtime and longer life. For example, new fans eliminate the static electricity that causes dust accumulation. And our Low Temperature Solder technology creates more room for longer-life batteries while lowering your carbon footprint.

icon purposeful design

Purposeful design

Whether your people are using a word processor or working on a complex CAD project, we want them to be happier and more comfortable. That’s why we’ve designed ThinkPad laptops ergonomically, to make every task easier. 

Plus, your repairs and services will be a breeze, since ThinkPad devices are built using fewer screws, and no glued-in components. Helping you cut downtime and ramp up productivity.

The most secure Windows ever

New Windows 11 devices integrate hardware and software for powerful, out-of-the-box protection. Shield your valuable data and enable secure hybrid work with the latest advanced security. Streamline security management and deploy with confidence across diverse locations – including the cloud - all with the new Windows 11 Pro.

time to think

Unlock deeper thinking in your digital workplace ​

Help your people to focus harder on meaningful work and connect better from anywhere with these powerful, small and flexible devices. Featuring Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo™ Design with 12th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 processors and Windows 11 Pro, these systems are built for what IT needs and users want, with superior mobile features. Here’s how to select the ideal ThinkPad devices that meet the unique needs of different types of employees.

ThinkPad X1
remote collab

Improve remote collaboration

Up to quad-array digital microphones with noise cancellation provide crystal clear communication, while FHD webcams ensure that you are seen in clear detail.

convenient power

Convenient, portable power

Never run out of energy with a lightweight, mobile laptop or convertible with up to 90 Whr batteries in the X1 Series.

durable build

Tough, dependable build

Made from resilient, high-quality materials that provide superior strength and rigidity, and extend your device lifespan.

X1 Fold
ThinkPad X1 Fold

Fold it like a book. Lay it flat for a seamless 16.3″ OLED display. Take notes or sketch with the 4K precision pen. Work with new freedom thanks to the new X1 Fold powered by Intel vPro®, An Intel® Evo Design with 12th Gen Intel® Core i7 processors.

X1 Carbon
ThinkPad X1 Carbon

Redesigned with collaboration in mind, check out the ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 powered by Intel vPro®, An Intel® Evo Design that’s built for what IT needs and users want.

ThinkPad P1
ThinkPad P1

Capture your vision and power your thinking on-the-go with a device that pairs ultra-mobility with high-performance. The power you need with Intel vPro® with 12th Gen Intel® Core i9 H Series processors.

X1 Yoga
ThinkPad X1 Yoga

We all wear many hats. So does the X1 Yoga. Flex your brilliance with a 2-in-1 laptop designed to move with you through the day. Powered by Intel vPro®, An Intel® Evo Design that’s built for what IT needs and users want.

X1 Nano
ThinkPad X1 Nano

Equipped with Intel vPro®, an Intel® Evo Design with 12th Gen Intel® Evo i7 processor, optional 5G connectivity and advanced biometric and AI-based security - the lightest ThinkPad raises the bar for laptops everywhere.

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weight of your team
Take the weight off your teams

Get 24/7/365 access to elite engineers, who’ll troubleshoot both hardware and software issues. It’s how you’ll cut downtime with Lenovo Premier Support.

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financially flexible
Want to stay financially flexible?

To minimize your up-front costs and scale up or down easily, get any ThinkPad solution as a service. Learn how you can stay flexible with Lenovo TruScale.

Ready to bring deep thinking back?

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