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Lenovo OEM Solutions include the advanced capabilities and uncompromising reliability that’s essential for today’s security and surveillance tools. Whether you’re focused on access control systems – like monitoring and video management – thermal imaging solutions for keeping your facilities safe, or creating new smart infrastructure tools for the cities of tomorrow, you’ll get a flexible, customizable and scalable solution for today’s security environment, and an end-to-end partner who helps you keep the cameras rolling.

Wide range of innovative solutions


Optimized access control

Powerful and secure professional workstations to run advanced video management systems (VMS) and support infrared and enhanced thermal detection. Fully customizable to your applications, with support for integrations and device management.


Smart infrastructure

Everything necessary to build intelligent building management systems (IBMS) – network video recorders (NVR) combined with VMS – for end-to-end capture of data, video storage and cloud analytics. Move towards data-and analysis-driven operations with a trusted partner that delivers outstanding customer experience and award-winning global support.


Thermal imaging solutions

Thermal camera systems, which provide immediate and precise information to security professionals and first responders. Paired with advanced video analytics, thermal cameras can differentiate between legitimate threats and false alarms. Thermal camera system technology help to safeguard organizations' facilities and keep their employees secure.


Video surveillance ‘as a service’

On-demand infrastructure solutions, the ability to customize products and an advanced technology exchange program so that it’s possible to provide video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) to potential customers.

Secure growth with niche opportunities

The global security and surveillance market was estimated at USD 25.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.5% from 2022 to 2025. The exponential growth of video data has fueled adoption of AI video analytics and edge computing due to latency and bandwidth constraints. Lenovo is at the forefront of innovation in city surveillance and video analytics for security in retail and manufacturing.


Versatility and power with easy management

OEM Solutions provides an extensive turnkey portfolio of products and services to fit your needs across the board.


Small, rugged, and built to handle your business needs at the edge.

  • Power to aggregate and analyze real-time data from distributed IoT devices
  • Module support available for 4G or 5G
  • Extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius

Extend OEM capabilities to ThinkSystem Rack Servers.

  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Simplified management through Lenovo XClarity
  • Suitable for demanding visual & processing applications

Powerful & Reliable ThinkStations designed to tackle heavy workloads.

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your solution
  • Intensive data processing for AI, machine learning, & extreme graphics processing
  • Exceeds leading ISV certification standards across industries
3rd Party Solutions

Vetted partnerships to offer a complete solution.

  • MobileDemand rugged cases, mounts, and scanners for tablets
  • InstoreScreen digital displays, shelves, and POS solutions

The Crosswave Partner Program is built on Lenovo OEM, bringing you turnkey solutions that target the specific needs in your industry.

Discover how Crosswave could work for your business.

World-class service, worldwide.

As your OEM partner, we back your security and surveillance solutions with a comprehensive suite of worldwide support services. Your customers have direct access to the support they need, and our global footprint ensures consistent delivery. We operate 51 contact centers across 165 countries, with 3,000 field service locations. You can sell your solutions without the additional commitment of providing service for the Lenovo elements of the solution.


Well-designed, reliable, and expertly powered OEM Solutions.

These security and surveillance solutions are all founded on our core principles of predictability, innovation and partnership. As security and surveillance OEM partners, we offer extended lifecycle management with end-to-end solution integration, multi-level customization and product transition management. You will have a trusted partner with a legacy of quality and design innovation that has made us leaders in the PC market. And we back our solutions with superior services that lift the burden of support from you and deliver real peace of mind to your customers.

Let our innovation work for you

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