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Technology Fuels Innovation

Lenovo P Series workstations allow you to quickly process, interpret, and analyze project data and stay ahead of the game. From analyzing and interpolating well logs to velocity modeling, pre-stack imaging and interpretation, we’ve got you covered.

Lenovo Workstations are built for the Energy Industry

Where high performance is required for fast, accurate decision making

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Easily handles demanding 3D processing, imaging, interpretation
and visualization.

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Remote desktop working with intensive graphics and
multiple collaborators.

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High performance for complex engineering software and new Artificial Intelligence
(AI) tools.

A workstation for every workflow

Solving the challenges of this market starts with harnessing the power to run complex simulations, data processing, and imaging. From exploration and production to transportation, refining and retail, Lenovo P Series workstations support your workflow:

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Geophysical seismic processing

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Seismic interpretation

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Geologic and reservoir modeling

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Drilling and well planning

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Engineering and fluid dynamics

Empowering Future Energy Needs

Make the Right Decisions, Faster

For oil and gas organizations, artificial intelligence presents huge opportunity. However, AI requires the right combination of knowledge and investment to fully reap its benefits – especially among the complex processes and demands of the oil & gas industry.

Inside this definitive AI eBook for oil & gas organizations, debunk common AI misconceptions, learn tips for identifying AI opportunities within your business processes, and discover how to overcome common deployment challenges – and ultimately, find out how to get started on AI projects of your own.


Deliver The Right Data, To The Right People, At The Right Time

Successful companies have adapted to changing business climates by using business processes that promote accessibility, mobility, and collaboration. Connect, collaborate, and discover your next prospect using the remote visualization solution from Lenovo, RedHat®, Mechdyne, and PCPC Direct.


Workstations for Renewables; Design, Control, Delivery, Automation

Renewable energy is expanding faster than originally predicted and is wrestling with how to become efficient and viable as a replacement for, or higher percentage supplement to, hydrocarbon based electricity generation. Lenovo Workstations can be a major tool for many aspects of the industry from design, modeling and AI-based automation, to monitoring, control and delivery.

Smarter creates the future

Push the limits of productivity, creativity, and innovation with Lenovo Workstations.