Providing a smarter way forward

Building a better future for our customers, our communities, and our planet


Intel® EvoTM platform

A smarter way to achieve sustainable growth

At Lenovo, we’re expanding our view of value. Our solutions are designed to last longer and consume less electricity in order to meet our customers’ growing concern for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues – based on approved scientific targets addressing climate change.

Unlocking value through sustainability

Not only have we reduced the carbon footprint for manufacturing and supplying technology, our product takeback programs makes recovering product value at end-of-life more convenient.

Meanwhile, options such as Lenovo Device-as-a-Service can provide end-users with access to the latest and most innovative technologies as part of a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable strategy for growth.


“We believe innovation must serve the purpose of a better life for humanity — more inclusive, more environmentally friendly, and constantly changing for good.”

Yang Yuanqing, CEO, Lenovo

Where is technology taking the world?
To a better place, thanks to the rise of eco-friendly solutions. Consumer opinion and environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives are driving the focus on ‘greener’ technology. From sustainable packaging through to the circular economy, there are answers here for today – and for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Lenovo ThinkPad. Made for your sustainable future.

Our latest range of Lenovo ThinkPad devices has been shaped by our key principles of responsible growth, and driven forward by our spirit of relentless innovation.

We ensure high performance and functionality, with a focus on responsible operations, using Intel® Core™ vPro® powerful processors, which are built with 100% conflict-free minerals and deliver industry-leading computing capability.

Our range of business laptops also benefit from low-temperature solder manufacturing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during production and the use of post-consumer recycled plastic which minimizes raw material usage, among other ESG innovations.


Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service

Lenovo’s CO2 Offset Service helps organisations address social responsibility concerns. It helps customers achieve their sustainability goals, offering a tailored approach to CO2 compensation, based on realistic emission by product, covering production, shipment and a typical up-to 5-year lifecycle. Lenovo partners with leading certified providers of CO2 Offset Services and the United Nations to provide a seamless process.


A smarter way forward for every aspect of your business.

Security, the Employee Experience (EX), the emergence of the hybrid workplace, environmentally -friendly IT. There are some of the most profound challenges facing your business – don’t compromise on your goals.

With our Smarter Way Forward approach, we harness our experience ambition and innovation to develop far-sighted solutions that you can put to work straight away, right across your operations.

Supporting your ESG evolution

Find a simpler, more efficient way to improve the impact of your technology investment. Working together, we can provide greener, more sustainable solutions that lower the environmental cost of doing business.

Leading the way in innovative packaging

Conserving energy, lowering greenhouse gas emissions

Recycling and reusing materials

Transitioning to a circular economy

Creating social impact


ESG Infographic

See five ways our ESG activities are working to deliver independently-set sustainability goals by 2025.


ESG Factsheet

Get the facts for how much we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions.


ESG Guide

Learn more about how we are building a smarter future for our customers, colleagues, and the planet.

ESG Report

Read the full details of the progress we’ve made and our ambitious targets for driving even more sustainability.

Want to know more?

Lenovo ESG is working to broaden our understanding of value in technology. We’re committed to developing a more sustainable, inclusive approach to business. For more information about how we can help you find a more resilient way forward, get in touch.