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i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors

Transforming teaching and learning

A student’s education is only as good as the environment they learn in. At Lenovo, we understand your priorities for the classroom. Our software is all about creating a learning environment that is secure, safe, and well managed. With services that cover everything from safe internet browsing to collaborative working, we’ve got you covered on all fronts. 

Lenovo solutions are designed to help you: 

  • Manage lessons quickly and easily
  • Stay secure with AI-driven endpoint visibility
  • Collaborate in the classroom with cloud computing and productivity 

Security, safety, and device management

Engage students with robust learning options, including tech-enabled curriculum, STEM, and CTE readiness, and digital creation tools.

Lenovo NetFilter
Lenovo NetFilter

Protect students from ever-changing digital dangers with cloud-based, AI web filtering and keystroke alerts. 

  • Real-time detection keeps students safe from harmful online content 
  • A single dashboard helps IT leaders manage one or multiple schools easily
  • Schools can customise access to social media sites for learning in and out of the classroom  
Classroom Management

Support synchronous learning sessions and offer students a collaborative, distraction-free learning environment. 

  • Student screen monitoring
  • Messaging and collaboration tools
  • Raise hand feature for remote learning

The only security solution that’s built into your laptop from the beginning and doesn’t need installing later.

  • Full end-point visibility means you can easily locate devices and sensitive data anywhere
  • Total security control enables you to perform repairs and automatic updates remotely 
  • A single cloud-based console lets you deploy and manage devices off site   
Sentinel One

Protect your school’s network with AI-driven cybersecurity. 

  • Full visibility and control of your IT infrastructure, without changing your hardware or network 
  • Automatically detect and fix issues in real-time, even without cloud connectivity
  • Bring together operations and admin on one console 

Services and solutions

CO2 Offset Services
CO2 Offset Services

Calculating emissions and choosing offset projects is often time consuming, but with CO2 Offset Services, it can be made simple.

Premier Support Plus
Premier Support Plus

Premier Support Plus for Education means you’ll get front of the queue and straight to the experts’ customer support service.

Accidental Damage Protection Image
Accidental Damage Protection

Classrooms are hectic environments. Standard warranties don’t cover accidental damage. With Accidental Damage Protection, you can protect against the unexpected.

Asset Recovery Services Image
Asset Recovery Services

With Asset Recovery Services, you can lessen your environmental impact, protect sensitive data, and provide a return on tech investment.

Configuration Solutions Image
Configuration Solutions

Our configuration solutions ease the burden on your IT team, reduce operational costs, and allow devices to be used quicker.

Premium Care Image
Premium Care

With Premium Care, let the experts translate tech talk and fix faults, helping you make the most out of devices.

The right hardware and software

Lenovo Cloud Service Provider
Say hello to Lenovo Cloud Service Provider

Old apps or hardware that’s underperforming could be leaving a backdoor open to cyberthreats. Lenovo’s Cloud Service Provider works with Microsoft to ensure staff and students can manage their workloads with headache-free apps. Ones that make learning enjoyable without burdening your IT team. 

Chromebooks Education Package
Lenovo Chromebooks Education Package

Empower IT to create educational environments for teachers and students with zero-touch enrolment enabling set-up straight out of the box. 

More software solutions for education

Lenovo VR Classroom

A complete, ready-to-go VR experience will transform the way you deliver STEM content to your students and enhance their learning. 

Education Solutions Hybrid Learning Spaces
Smart collaboration

Discover our solutions that bridge accessibility gaps, increase collaboration, and enrich the learning experience – wherever your students are working. 

Education Solutions Esports
Esports solutions

Get your game on: unlock all the benefits of esports, both educational and beyond. Engage your students like never before. 

Smart classrooms for smarter learning

Lenovo empowers Private School to learn from anywhere
Lenovo empowers Private School to learn from anywhere

Smarter solutions empower students to learn with secure and reliable tech.

Managing carbon footprints
Managing carbon footprints with tangible outcomes

How Lenovo CO2 Offset Services are helping the University of Birmingham make IT more sustainable.

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