Windows laptops for education
Find out how Windows laptops for teachers and students can support your #1 priority.
Windows 11 Unlock limitless learning
Windows 11 Unlock limitless learning

Helping students and teachers learn and educate independently is your #1 priority

Windows 11 uses the latest advances in user-centred design to create a more intuitive, more productive interface that leaves students and teachers free to focus on education. It’s been reimagined for a new era of digital learning, helping educators unlock the full potential of every student. Enjoy powerful tools to learn, collaborate and create in a secure and trusted environment.

Windows laptops for education

Lenovo V15 G2 ITL
Lenovo V15

Your back-to-basics laptop

Organisations operating with a fixed budget still need to support remote students, making this 15.6” entry-level laptop a great match. It comes with fast charging, Dolby Audio, and an optional NVIDIA graphics card. Choose from M.2 SSD, HDD or dual drive storage technologies. The Lenovo V Series provides security, data protection and productivity features in an affordable package.

Lenovo 100w Gen 4
Lenovo 100w G4

Built with the latest Intel® Processor N100, this device delivers on security, durability, and repairability. With 128GB of onboard storage and up to 8GB memory, it supports local or cloud-based storage.

For an interruption-free day, these PCs come with a battery designed to power through a full school day on one charge. Quick Charge allows students to charge quickly when needed.

ThinkBook 15
ThinkBook 15

Supporting secure learning

Designed for students, this 15.6” laptop is lightweight but packed with innovative features to support learning. It’s a sophisticated design with a metal cover, fingerprint sensor integrated power button and optional Wi-Fi 6 support for fast, secure connectivity. Plus, outstanding durability and an all-day battery make it ideal for mobile use throughout the day.

Lenovo 300w Yoga Gen 4
Lenovo 300w G4

The powerful Lenovo 300w Yoga Gen 4 is optimised for a cloud-first learning environment. Built on the Windows 11, this flexible convertible boasts the latest Intel® Processor N-series, robust security features, and simplified device management. Learning is seamless with Microsoft collaboration software, and a 360-degree Sync hinge means the device can adapt to any learning situation. Wi-Fi 6 capability enables faster internet speeds, while 4G/LTE allows students to connect even when Wi-Fi is not available.

Lenovo V14 Gen 4 AMN
Lenovo V14 G4

Upgrade your everyday efficiency

Give your students the power to do more with this high-performing device to support their work wherever they are. A peerless user experience with a 14” Full-HD IPS that looks after their health with TÜV certified vision safeguarding features. Built with the latest AMD RyzenTM 7000 the Lenovo V14 Gen 4 AMN delivers improved performance and efficiency. The Lenovo V Series provides security, data protection and productivity features in an affordable package.

Lenovo 500w Yoga
Lenovo 500w G4

With a bigger—and industry-unique—12.2” 16:10 display boasting a WUXGA IPS touch screen, the Lenovo 500w Yoga Gen 4 2-in-1 laptop provides a boost of power and productivity for simplified, secure learning. The 360-degree hinge enables comfortable and convenient modes – especially while using the touchscreen with Pencil Touch technology. This lightweight convertible also delivers robust security features and simplified device management. Learning outcomes can be further elevated with Microsoft collaboration software and familiar, curated education-first apps and productivity tools.

Lenovo 10w

The pinnacle of versatility

Designed to grow with students as they move from touch-based learning to content creation and group presentations, The Lenovo 10w provides a new level of flexibility. With a unique, detachable keyboard, the 10w switches from laptop to tablet with ease. Operating on the Windows 11 SnapdragonTM platform, it boasts all-day battery life, MIL-SPEC durability and two high-performing cameras, whilst being light weight for everyday learning.

Lenovo 13w Yoga
Lenovo 13w Yoga

Built on Windows 11 platform and packed with next-generation AMD Ryzen™ processors, the Lenovo 13w Yoga Gen 2 supports educators across every learning environment. Versatile and portable, the 13w Yoga features an FHD IPS Touch display with a 360-degree hinge, able to adapt to whatever task is at hand. Upgradeable memory and storage options mean that the device can be catered to your workload, with extra connectivity options providing faster internet when connecting virtually with students and peers.

Class is in session

Powerful tools to learn, collaborate and create

Microsoft Education reimagined Windows for a new era of digital learning, helping educators unlock the full potential of every student.


Set up, manage and deploy devices easily, so once students have received their devices, they can sign on right away


Comprehensive security and privacy with new, always-on protection that safeguards both student and teacher information and devices


Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 to support virtual learning with Microsoft Teams classrooms, Office 365 for Education tools, and Microsoft Forms for assessments


Accessibility for all, with more adaptive user controls and expanded gesture, voice and pen interactivity


Affordable and personalised devices built for learning anywhere


Lenovo is committed to simplifying IT management

Say hello to Lenovo Cloud Service Provider

Apps which run out of date or on ill-suited hardware could be underperforming, or worse— they could be leaving the backdoor open to cyberthreats. Lenovo’s Cloud Service Provider ensures staff and students can get on with their workloads with headache-free apps that make learning a pleasure—without burdening your IT team.

Cloud Service Provider
UAE students get the tech they need for a new school year

Case study

Alef case study

UAE students get the tech they need for a new school year 

“…We simply had to deliver the laptops to schools, and everything was installed automatically when students powered on their devices. If we had taken a manual approach, we estimate it would have taken a team of 10-12 people at least three weeks to complete the imaging, so this saved us a huge amount of time and resources.”

Gregoire Provot
Director of Service Delivery, Alef Education

When Alef Education needed to procure 15,000 Windows-ready devices fast for students in Abu Dhabi, Lenovo despatched 1,000 devices per day—all prepped for zero-touch deployment with Windows Autopilot.

What you get with Windows 11 on Lenovo

Windows-based Lenovo education laptops


Student co-operation

We support collaboration through devices, software and bundled Lenovo Hybrid Classroom solutions that make the most of Microsoft Teams Rooms.


Get up and go

Our Windows 11 devices are simple to set up with Windows Autopilot and can be fully managed through the cloud.


Proactive programmes

Students read, write, and learn with confidence with Microsoft Learning Tools including Immersive Reader, Text Predictions, and Focus Assist.


Accessible tools

Pen and touch capabilities accommodate all preferences and make learning more immersive.


Sturdy hardware

Reinforced ports and hinges mean our impact-tested, spill resistant devices are engineered to support learning anywhere.


Smooth online experiences

Reliable Wi-Fi 6 and 4G/LTE connectivity ensures an accessible digital curriculum.


Classroom control

Teachers can manage remote sessions through Microsoft Teams and LanSchool, to share and filter content, including screen monitoring and collaboration.


Built-in safeguards

We keep students safe with integrated device security features, like the webcam privacy shutter, match-on-chip fingerprint reader, and Windows Hello1.


Remote protection

Educators can track and protect remote devices using anti-virus and content filtering to ensure student safety when using our apps.

On-demand webinar

Choose the right device for students of all abilities. Everywhere.

We know that offering students an effective digital learning experience is your number one priority. But, when each students’ needs are different, knowing which hardware to choose can be daunting. This webinar outlines some of the options available to you, and how they can transform the learning experience you provide.

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When it comes to educating the next generation of changemakers, there are no shortcuts. That’s why Lenovo has curated a unique portfolio of products, solutions and services designed to make teaching easier, and learning more engaging. Whatever your needs, our devices are built to give students the best start in life.

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