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Enable productive work from anywhere with Microsoft Modern Management Solutions by Lenovo.


What is Microsoft Modern Management Solutions by Lenovo?

Unlock better collaboration, productivity, security and business agility across your organization with Microsoft Modern Management Solutions by Lenovo.

With a Modern Workplace assessment, we’ll help you find the best mixture of professional services and Microsoft technologies to keep your employees connected wherever they are, keep costs under control and reduce the burden on IT teams.

And with Windows 11 security, hardware and software work together to protect your data from the core to the cloud, delivering comprehensive protection that keeps your business secure, wherever people choose to work.

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Handle hybrid working with ease

Hybrid working is here to stay and Microsoft Modern Management Solutions by Lenovo can help your employees to work productively from anywhere. Simplified servicing and updates make installing and repairing hardware easier. Your IT teams will also be freed from time-consuming tasks with zero-touch deployment, cloud-based management and AI-powered support.


Supercharge your endpoint security

Get advanced device protection from chip to cloud, starting with the supply chain, right through to the zero trust principles built into your hardware and software.


Keep your people productive from the get-go

Keep employees connected and productive with ready-to-go devices and better, faster user support with Lenovo Services.

3 ways to unlock sustainable performance

Stay in control of costs

This flexible solution is designed to scale according to what your business needs, helping you manage your IT costs more easily.

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5 Security Principles

Windows 11 security provides powerful security from chip to cloud. It’s built with zero-trust principles at the core to safeguard data and access anywhere, keeping you protected and productive.

Security, by default

Building on the innovations of Windows 10, we’ve worked with our manufacturer and silicon partners to provide additional hardware security capabilities to meet the evolving threat landscape and enable hybrid work and learning.

Enhanced hardware and operating system security

Hardware and software work together to protect the operating system. For example, new devices come with virtualization-based security (VBS) and Secure Boot built-in and enabled by default to contain and limit malware exploits.

Robust application security and privacy controls

Windows 11 has multiple layers of application security that safeguard critical data and code integrity. Application isolation and controls, code integrity, privacy controls, and least-privilege principles enable developers to build in security and privacy from the ground up.

Secured identities

Credentials are protected by layers of hardware and software security such as TPM 2.0, VBS, and/or Windows Defender Credential Guard, making it harder for attackers to steal credentials from a device.

Connecting to cloud services

You can enforce compliance and conditional access with a modern device management (MDM) service such as Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which works to control access to applications and data through the cloud.

24/7 support

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) managed services deliver 24/7 support, via Lenovo. It helps keep you on track for continual productivity by minimizing the potential and damaging impact of downtime.

Many businesses can lose approximately 545 hours,1 or three weeks, each year because of downtime. Microsoft CSP helps keep you up and running thanks to dedicated tools that directly provision, manage, and support your operations. 1

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Operating System Security

Windows 11 is our most secure Windows yet, with extensive security measures built into the operating system, to help keep devices, identities, and information safe.

These include built-in advanced encryption and data protection, robust network and system security, and intelligent safeguards against ever evolving viruses and threats.


We’ll guide your move to the modern workplace

Our Microsoft experts use a consultative approach to support your transition to modern deployment. We’re with you every step of the way.

Our approach starts with you

Our Lenovo certified experts support you to move to and make the most of Microsoft technology through an in-depth assessment and consultative approach. We’ll conduct a detailed Modern Management Consultation to audit and assess your IT infrastructure, processes and needs.

Make change a reality

To help make the shift to modern deployment smoother, you have access to our highly scalable and globally distributed modern management services and our long experience of change management and transition methodology.

Work with a trusted Microsoft partner

Working with Lenovo to deploy your Modern Management Solution means you can benefit from our certified global expertise to help you unlock all the benefits that Microsoft solutions can provide.

Upgrade to the best Windows yet

With Windows 10 support ending in October 2025, this is the best time to make the move to Windows 11.

Discover the AI-powered features of Windows 11 that can help you create a more productive and secure hybrid work experience.

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Windows 11 Upgrade Service

Upgrading to Windows 11 doesn’t need to be daunting. Here’s how we work with you, supporting your organization as you make the move.


Tailored approach

We’ll work with you to assess your current tools and processes and make sure your business is ready to upgrade from Windows 10 to 11. Then we support you to migrate your devices and users and handle the change management initiatives to educate end users, and keep adoption and productivity high.


Simplified rollout

Lenovo Deployment Assistant software simplifies rolling out updates and helps you configure and manage all your devices through integration with Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.


Ready-to-go devices

Specify configurations and settings in advance with Ready To Provision+, so devices are pre-provisioned and ready to use. Your devices will already be registered for Autopilot, so that when they are powered up and connected, all your devices will receive relevant configuration and applications.


Seamless upgrades

We’re here to help make upgrading your existing devices to Windows 11 as simple as possible. Our experts can support you with each step, including:

  • Project management and communications
  • Managing your upgrade and giving you floorwalker support
  • End user education and adoption
  • Change management strategy and implementation
  • Quality assurance services

Lenovo Cloud Solutions for Azure

Achieve scalability for your business while reducing cost and mitigating risks with Lenovo Cloud Solutions for Azure.

We make it easy for you to simplify your cloud journey with modular solutions – supported with a single portal to start, run, and track your migration to Azure, and a range of tools for assessment and migration. Discover how Lenovo can be your ideal technology partner to help you move to the cloud quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.

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Create the ultimate work habitat

Businesses need the right blend of services and technology to create the ultimate work habitat – one which will support employees’ growing needs and keep them performing at their best, wherever they are.

Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS) provide the services and technology to empower your employees and help you evolve alongside their needs, delivering exceptional experience at high speed.

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