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Docking Stations A Smarter Way to Work
Simplifying modern IT administration and boosting productivity for today’s more flexible workforce
Out-of-the-box solutions for out-of-the-office working
With so many employees now working remotely, IT departments face new challenges. On the one hand, they need to provide and manage portable hardware for home use. On the other, they need to diagnose and fix PC issues, even if the end-users and IT teams are working remotely. In addition, for enhanced functionality and security, firmware still needs to be updated, quickly and efficiently. Plus, potential technical issues are always best averted before they happen. Thankfully, there’s now a better, smarter way to do all of this.
Engineered for extra efficiency and peace of mind
No matter where your end-users and IT teams are working from—in the office, at home, or hot-desking—our universally compatible docking stations make everyone’s lives easier. From connecting multiple displays and PC accessories to lightning-quick data transfers, they help to boost employee efficiency and productivity. And they can also help IT managers in different ways, too.

Our universal docking solutions support Lenovo Dock Manager, free-to-download software enabling you to easily monitor connected devices and update firmware. And with our cloud-based smart docks, you can monitor, update, and generate status reports on multiple devices, remotely and cable-free.
To gain real efficiency, look at the cloud
Our new cloud-based smart docks offer the same convenience and simplicity for your end-users with their universal, one-cable connectivity. For you and your IT team, they go even further.
Through Microsoft Azure Sphere secured hardware and Microsoft Azure cloud service, the docks can be monitored and updated remotely—without a PC connection. And with batch report functionality, inventory management is almost effortless.
Universal compatibility
Remote firmware updates
Remote management
Enhanced reporting
Lenovo ThinkPad Smart Docks
Powered by Microsoft Azure Sphere, ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock and ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt™ 4 Smart Dock can install critical firmware updates, track device status, and run reports—remotely and cable-free, through the cloud.
  • ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock enhances everyday productivity, with an array of data, display, and charging ports.
  • Delivering industry-leading video, data and power connectivity, ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt™ 4 Smart Dock can support an 8K display and deliver lightning-quick 40Gbps data speeds.
Download Thunderbolt™ 4 Smart Dock datasheet >Download USB-C Smart Dock datasheet >
A helping hand when you need it
To automatically update firmware and remote information query, there’ s Lenovo Dock Manager. Designed with our universal docking solutions in mind, this advanced software will save your IT teams considerable time and effort.
management tool
Auto firmware
Lenovo Universal Docks
Our universal docks are productivity-powerhouses designed to upgrade the potential of any laptop. End-users can hook up multiple high-res displays, charge laptops and mobile devices, connect USB peripherals, transfer data seamlessly, and much more.
Download Thunderbolt™ 4 Universal Dock datasheet >Download USB-C Universal Dock datasheet >
ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Smart Dock
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ThinkPad Universal USB-C Smart Dock
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Explore other Docking Solutions
ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock
Best-suited for mixed-PC or shared-desk environments.
  • Enterprise-class manageability
  • One cable USB-C and USB-A connectivity
  • Supports up to two 4K UHD displays*
Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 Essential Dock
Affordable Thunderbolt solution for enterprise customers.
  • Enterprise-class manageability
  • One cable USB-C connectivity
  • Supports up to two 4K UHD displays*
ThinkPad Thunderbolt™ 4 Workstation Dock
Ultra performance dock with high-power charging
  • Enterprise-class manageability
  • Single-cable Thunderbolt™ 4 connectivity
  • Supports up to four 4K displays or one 8K display*
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