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Get more time on your side with Lenovo’s ThinkPad and ThinkBook range of devices.

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Focus on productivity

When people are working with the right technology, they can focus on being more productive and feel good about what they achieve in their day. Research from HCI suggests, employees take

23 minutes to refocus each time they are interrupted.

So give them the tools they need to focus, and get time on your side.

Get more done with smarter technology

Reliable technology is vital for small and medium businesses. Improved connectivity, functionality and flexibility can support growth and will give your business a competitive edge.

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Drive focus & efficiency with the right technology

Equip your business with the latest tech with Lenovo Daas

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Smarter technology drives productivity

Your workforce expects the technology they use at work to keep up with their expectations and ambitions.

When it doesn’t, they can feel frustrated and unproductive. Explore the key attitudes and aspirations of your workforce, and how the right technology can improve the employee experience at your workplace.

Three key challenges that impact productivity

Technology is defining the modern workforce, but it can also raise barriers to productivity. We’ve identified three key issues that impact employee experience, and outlined how the right technology can enable better collaboration, reduce distractions and help your employees to be more productive.


Connect and collaborate

The modern workplace requires employees to connect from anywhere, on any device. Find out how you can make technology work for your people, instead of the other way around.


Dealing with distractions

Employees can lose 25% of their working day to distractions. Discover the true cost of distractions, and how technology can enhance workplace productivity and recover that precious time.


Managing multitasking

Constant task switching can damage productivity and create distractions. Find out how modern technology can help your employees to manage multiple tasks, and their time, better.

Discover the tech that unlocks time

From devices that work intuitively to tools that enable seamless collaboration, Lenovo solutions, many of them powered by Windows 10 Pro, are designed to help your business get more done, in a shorter amount of time.

Many of Lenovo’s latest devices are powered by the built for business Intel vPro® platform to deliver business-class performance, security and manageability. Explore our solutions below and discover how your business can solve productivity-related challenges and start improving your employee experience.

Desktops to meet every need

Modern workers need desktops to match their individual working styles, and keep up with the demands of complicated tasks. Our eBook discusses how you can improve your business productivity by equipping your employees with the right desktop.

Laptops for flexible working

Today, employees can choose to work from anywhere. Many are working remotely and on-the-go. See how the ThinkBook family of devices use smart design to save time and boost productivity, enabling great employee experiences, wherever they work.

Collaboration solutions for modern work

Working with others is an essential part of any job. Now that remote working is becoming more common, people need tools for collaborating at a distance. Our dedicated webpage shares information and guides that make connecting with your colleagues easier than ever.

Accessories for extra functionality

The best devices can still be let down by old accessories that prevent you from collaborating with your team effectively. Our eBook outlines some of our key accessories, as smart as your devices, for creating the perfect productivity ecosystem.

Services that simplify management

Running a small business can involve handling multiple, urgent jobs at once. Having to juggle your time makes it harder to focus on strategy and plan for growth. Visit our webpage to see how Lenovo support services free up your valuable time.

Ready to get time on your side?

The right technology, which runs on the built for business Intel vPro® platform, gets you everything you need to run productively and helps you and your employees win back precious time.