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Complex IT challenges are a mainstay of modern work. But whether you’re supporting customers that are cloud‑ready or a workforce that needs access to legacy applications — or both — augmenting your tech stack to keep everyone on task and your goals in focus is simpler than you might think.

Engineered to rise to the occasion

ThinkPad® C13 Yoga Chromebook


Functions as a 2-in-1 laptop built for creating, editing, and sharing content with 360-degree hinge, touchscreen, and optional pen


Built with an AMD Ryzen™ processor, sleek and durable aluminum chassis, and all-day battery life for powerful performance


Runs Chrome OS, a versatile cloud-first platform that protects against ransomware by default and provides fast access to cloud apps regardless of location

Productive and secure with a lighter load for IT

Today’s IT leaders need solutions that simplify admin tasks and free up time to focus on building the business. Lenovo’s Chromebook Enterprise devices are ready to use with minimal IT assistance so you can orchestrate a fleet and power hybrid teams to work securely and effectively from anywhere.

Keep ahead in the cloud

To prepare for a flexible future, IT leaders are choosing solutions
and devices designed for secure remote work.


Hybrid workflows are more than a momentary fix

Enabling hybrid work is an urgent imperative, and nailing it now is important to your organization’s long-term success. But if legacy endpoints can’t support — or secure — these new ways of doing business, where should IT teams look for answers?

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Prioritizing productivity for mobile users benefits all

From academia to healthcare, the financial sector to nonprofits and associations, employees (and customers) expect frictionless, always-ready, always-on technology experiences. They have high expectations for the way technology should integrate with their workflows.

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Cloud-first endpoints are a growing security strategy

Concerns about being caught off guard by a potential security breach remain in every school, business, and healthcare company. Business-grade security solutions like Lenovo’s ThinkShield and Google Chrome OS for the enterprise keep users protected against the most sophisticated cyberthreats.

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Get support to stay resilient

Enterprise organizations in every industry must evolve to stay relevant. Lenovo is ready. Leverage our expertise today for a smarter digital transformation tomorrow.

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